3 Basic Tips for Storing Mini Fridges in Office Cabinets

In an office setting, you may want to have exclusive assess to some refreshments and snacks for your convenience. You can opt for a mini fridge on an elegant cabinet, but it may look tacky and attract too much unwanted attention from your co-workers. 

Remember, the key here is convenience while maintaining professionalism. Thus, it would be best to have your personal fridge in a hidden compartment, like your office cabinet. To ensure you know exactly where to put and maintain it, consider the following tips for your guidance: 

Use a credenza to house your personal fridge perfectly 

If you are looking for the perfect kind of office cabinet for your mini fridge needs and preferences, the credenza is the best option because of its massive spacious interior. You can even go for certain modifications to boost your fridge’s functionality. For instance, you can request to have some holes in the back to put the power lead through it for easy plugging. This way, you can keep the unit running for your convenience. 

Before purchasing your credenza, just ensure you have the appropriate measurements ready for mini fridge to guarantee a seamless fit since you can possibly add other office essentials or personal items based on your preferences. You can map this out on a piece of paper by drawing how you want everything to be organized. 

Don’t be afraid to have a mini-bar setup, but remember workplace etiquette

When you hear the word “mini bar,” you may associate it with the small fridges stocked with alcoholic beverages and energy drinks that you can enjoy provided that you pay for it. Now, you have the opportunity to bring this experience with you to work by buying your favorite refreshments and bringing them to your office. Just ensure you deliver them discreetly to prevent your employees from getting suspicious. 

While it can be fun to have some wine or beer during certain workdays, you have to remember that workplace etiquette is of utmost importance. Thus, you may not be allowed to bring liquor to your workplace, depending on the rules. It’s also not good to be caught being tipsy in a corporate setting. That being said, drink responsibly, seek advice from trusted work colleagues, and consult your company handbook when necessary. 

Keep track of what’s inside your fridge and maintain free-flowing internal cooling

One main factor you have to watch out for when you use your mini fridge is the electricity cost since it can consume more power than other appliances. If you keep your unit fully stocked, you may restrict the airflow, affecting your fridge’s cooling capacity. Therefore, ensure you unplug the unit when it’s not in use, especially if you will be away for a long time. You also have to remove your stock and store them elsewhere. 


Mini fridges in office cabinets are a popular feature in many modern workplaces, and your space may be next! You just have to remember all the tips mentioned above to guide you and get the most out of your purchase. Meanwhile, if you have other questions you would like to answer before buying anything, ensure you do the appropriate research. 

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