3 Helpful Hacks to Hide Your Mini Fridge – What to Know

Keeping your mini fridge out of sight yields many benefits. Aside from being able to maximize your floor space, you can also make your room look more tidy, orderly, and clutter-free.

Whether you want to sneak in your mini refrigerator in your dorm room, create extra storage, secure your food and drinks from stealthy coworkers, or just simply keep your living space organized, you can hide your fridge in several ways. These include the following:

Invest in fridge cabinets

There are plenty of ready-made fridge cabinets and tables available in the market. They come in various colors and styles, so you will have an easier time matching the cabinet or table to the theme of your kitchen or room and attain your ideal look for your home.

The drawback of purchasing a high-quality mini fridge cabinet or table designed specifically for encasing your mini refrigerator storage on a carpet is that they tend to be expensive. Therefore, if you are on a budget, then this option may not be right for you.

Build a fridge cabinet

If you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience in woodworking, then you may consider creating your own fridge cabinet or table. This option is perfect for handy people who are passionate about completing DIY projects. The best thing about this option is that it lets you stay within your budget and design your cabinet or table according to your needs, style, and preferences.

Meanwhile, if you are not skilled in woodworking, you can invite your friends over or seek assistance from a professional to help you build your fridge cabinet.

Conceal your mini fridge with designs

To conceal your mini refrigerator on a carpet without breaking your bank, you can put any kind of materials or designs on the surface of your fridge. For instance, you can cover your fridge with wallpaper or a patterned cloth to match the walls. You may place your mini refrigerator inside a closet or a kitchen cabinet or even disguise it as a side table for your coffee maker.

Consider the Safety and Functionality of Your Mini Fridge

Regardless of your way of hiding your fridge, it does not matter as long as the cabinet or table is presentable and your fridge stays functional, and most importantly, safe to use.

Keep in mind that the power cord of your mini refrigerator on a carpet should be safely and neatly hidden. Also, the motor can heat up when your fridge is running. Because of this, you need to make sure that there is enough space around your fridge and the air vents to let the air flow freely and prevent the motor from overheating. 

On the other hand, when you decide to use wallpaper, cloth, or any material to put directly onto your mini refrigerator storage space, use only an adhesive that sticks well but is easy to remove to avoid damaging the surface of your fridge.


Hiding your mini fridge does not necessarily have to be a project that will cost an arm and a leg. You can keep your fridge out of plain sight even without spending a single cent by being creative and imaginative. Just make sure that your fridge stays working in its peak performance when encased in a cabinet or table.

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