3 Minifridges You Should Consider Installing in Your Bedroom

Want a cool upgrade to your bedroom? Consider getting a minifridge! With one, you quickly have access to your favorite food and drinks. You can even use it to store your facial creams and other skin products! 

That said, some minifridges can be loud and disruptive. This is something you don’t want in a bedroom. After all, your bedroom should be your private haven—a quiet place you can rewind at the end of the day. Even if you enjoy sleeping with some ambient noise, the sounds of a fridge can be rather annoying. 

Get the snacks AND the sleep you deserve with this brief compilation of quiet, bedroom-friendly minifridges you can consider:

1. The portable minifridge

If you are looking for something portable that can be moved around as needed, look for the Cooluli Minifridge. This little guy comes in small, able to fit in a maximum of six cans of soda 12-ounce each.

While the thermoelectric cooler means it will not cool your drinks as much as the others on this list will, this cooler gets the job done. Plus, if you ever decide to want a refrigerator in your car, you can take this minifridge along. The Cooluli Minifridge is the perfect on-the-go fridge that serves well even in your bathroom!

2. The minifridge with a freezer

Looking for a minifridge that you can store ice cream in for solo movie nights? Well, not to worry, as the COSTWAY compact refrigerator offers you precisely what you want. 

This minifridge offers you all the compartments that you need, from little bins to store your drinks and, obviously, the fridge for your ice cubes, ice cream, and more. Note, though, that this minifridge is not as ‘mini’ as the rest of the minifridges because it has a freezer. If you’ve got a spacious room and want a more functional minifridge, though, then this is our pick for you.

3. The best in all departments

If you want the best overall minifridge for your bedroom, look no further than the Midea WHS-65LB1

What features does it have to offer? Here’s a brief breakdown: removable shelves, a reversible door, a quiet compressor, and even a freezer. What more could you want?

With all these features, you might be wondering how expensive this little guy is. Fortunately for you, it’s quite affordable. However, this fridge is not perfect for everyone. There are a few things to note here. For example, the freezer itself is not the best around, and while it is still super quiet, it might not be as quiet as other minifridges. That said, thanks to all what it has to offer and at the price it is at, this one is hard to beat.


While we have mentioned three minifridges in this article so far, there are plenty more out there you can certainly check out if you so wish. That said, if you are looking for a portable fridge, check out the Cooluli Minifridge. If you want something with an excellent freezer, look at the COSTWAY compact refrigerator. Finally, if you want something that gives you all the features you will need, then the complicatedly named Midea WHS-65LB1 is the minifridge of your choice. All the best with your choice and enjoy your brand-new bedroom minifridge.

Wondering how much electricity a minifridge uses? Well, if you have got questions like these in your mind, check out Pixel Fridge! We have all the information you need to answer your questions.

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