4 Beauty Products You Should Store in Your Refrigerator

Fridges preserve the freshness of your food for a longer time. It’s commonly used to store meats, eggs, dairy products, and vegetables, but did you know that some of your beauty products could benefit from being kept cool, too? By keeping your lotions, masks, and other skincare products in the fridge, you can prolong their shelf lives. Here are some cosmetics you can (and should!) refrigerate:

1. Lotions, moisturizers, and eye creams

Some skin care products have a cooling effect when they are stored in the refrigerator, such as moisturizers, treatment serums, toners, and eye creams. Keeping them chilled could boost circulation to your skin and take away puffiness, which is especially important when you have puffy eyes.

Applying cold lotion can also keep your skin soft and moisturized and make you feel relaxed. The coldness offers a nice sensory feel that is perfect for hot summer days. 

While you can keep your skin care products in your existing refrigerator, many people invest in a new one to separate your food from your cosmetics. If you’re looking for a fridge freezer without a water dispenser or a mini-fridge near your carpet, feel free to check our other blog posts and articles. We can help you select the best fridge for your needs, requirements, and preferences.

2. Natural hair products

Food products can double as beauty treatments. An example of this is extra virgin olive oil, which makes an excellent hair mask. It keeps your hair tangle-free and shiny, reduces scalp irritation, and minimizes your dandruff. Furthermore, coconut oil can also be used as a hair mask or conditioner. To ensure these natural hair products stay fresh and extend their lifespan, you should always store them in your fridge. 

3. Perfume

Cologne and eau de toilette have a delicate chemical balance. Refrigerating them can lose some of their smell, but you can still put them in your fridge depending on their type. You can also store them at moderate room temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve their longest shelf lives.

4. Nail polish

Storing your nail polish at room temperature is advisable, but chilling it in your fridge can extend its shelf life. It may increase its viscosity and lengthen its stability over time. When it gets clumpy due to the cold temperature, you can simply remedy this by waiting until it reaches room temperature and shaking the bottle well.

What Should I Remember When Storing My Beauty Products in the Fridge?

Keeping your cosmetics chilled in your fridge can extend their shelf lives, but it’s important that you don’t confuse refrigeration with preservation. For instance, your beauty products with no added preservatives are still unlikely to have long shelf lives even if you keep them in your refrigerator. 


Your beauty products are an essential part of your self-care regimen, and learning how to store them properly is important to lengthen their shelf lives. Be well-informed about the items that should be placed in your refrigerator and those that are best kept at room temperature to make the most of them.

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