4 Common Mistakes Refrigerator Buyers Make: What to Avoid

Every fridge purchase is an essential investment for any household, but not all homeowners realize this. Some buy mini-fridges simply because they want to get an early Christmas gift for themselves, especially during Black Friday. These kinds of careless fridge purchases result in costly mistakes, like paying for higher electricity bills, spending more on food, and repeated fridge repairs.

But what exactly are the kinds of mistakes you need to avoid to make a responsible fridge purchase? This article will provide you with the four common mistakes most buyers make. Take this as an opportunity to make a cost-effective purchasing decision that your family will enjoy. 

1. Not knowing about the dimensions of the fridge 

One of the most costly mistakes that most homeowners make when purchasing a fridge is not being mindful of the size. It’s a fairly common mistake among fridge purchases online when homeowners are drawn in by the promotional content but fail to read the product description. 

In effect, most homeowners end up buying a fridge that they may not be able to return. They even have to destroy parts of their home just to get the fridge inside, raising the overall price of their purchase. 

To avoid this costly mistake, identify a part of your home where you can place the fridge. You also need to consider which doorway your fridge will pass through. Measure the length and width of each location with a measuring tape. Remember these details while you look for a fridge that’s a perfect fit for your home.

2. Not considering the unique functions 

Your household has particular needs when it comes to the fridge. For example, you may want a fridge with an ice dispenser to guarantee cold drinks for any occasion. However, you may not have taken these thoughts into consideration, which can inconvenience your home. You may even have to spend more by buying add-ons just to adjust to your household’s needs. 

As such, ask your family what their fridge needs are and look for an ideal solution. You can also ask them whether they have any fridge models they think are the perfect choice for the household. That way, you can get excited about your next responsible fridge purchase and maximize its use.

3. Not caring about the style and color scheme of the fridge

You may not care about aesthetic value when it comes to your fridge, but other people in your household may have their opinions. You may also change your mind once you hear feedback from any house guests about your tacky or ugly fridge, discouraging you from using it. 

To keep the style in mind, look at the different color options for your ideal fridge models. You can also ask whether the models come in other designs, such as in the French door style. That way, you can pick the perfect fridge that reflects your tastes and sensibilities, being the envy of house guests and other households. 

4. Not looking into customer reviews

You may take the time to read product descriptions about different fridges, but you cannot get a clear picture unless you consider the general customer experience. For instance, let’s say you have a mini-fridge you want to purchase because of the features. However, the customer reviews tell a different story, saying they were shocked by the mini-fridge’s electricity cost when they checked their latest bill. 

Before any fridge purchase, look for unbiased customer reviews. Preferably, you want to find good-hearted online communities that take the time to talk about their experiences. Make your search queries specific, like “How much does a mini fridge cost to run?” and “How much is a small fridge?” That way, you can easily find real feedback from customers and make a well-informed purchase decision.


Being an uninformed buyer when looking for an ideal fridge is a costly mistake. Fortunately, you now have some working knowledge about your next fridge purchase. You just need to commit to doing more research before hitting the buy button for any fridge. Find more fridge-related articles to inform your purchase decision! 

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