4 Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Refrigerator – Our Guide

Perhaps the heart of the kitchen is not the stove, nor is it the microwave or kettle. Instead, it is the fridge. Without it, most of our food is not going to last a day. For this reason, you must take good care of your fridge. 

To ensure that you are properly maintaining the refrigerator and using it to its maximum efficiency, here is a list of must-dos:

1. Clean the coils 

Your fridge has coils to cool the internal temperature of the appliance. However, over time, they can get dusty, which hampers the efficiency of keeping the fridge cold. 

To address this problem, clean the coils at least twice a year. If the coils are at the back of the fridge, pull the refrigerator away from the wall and start dusting. Otherwise, if the coils are below, open the plate to reveal the coils and remove the dust. Once you are done, vacuum up the dust and put everything back into place. Don’t forget to unplug your fridge before you go about this.

2. Utilize non-toxic cleaners

There will come a time where you must clean your fridge in and out thoroughly. However, when you are doing that, avoid using any dangerous chemicals. After all, the refrigerator is where you keep food, and the last thing you want to eat is toxic.

Remove all the food it contains. Then, mix some baking soda and vinegar to clean the fridge interiors and exteriors. Apply the solution on surfaces and start scrubbing away. If you can, remove the compartments so that you can easily clean, rinse, and dry them afterward.

3. Maintain the seals

The seals on the door of your fridge are what keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. Unfortunately, these seals can deteriorate over time, leaking cold air out. This deterioration rate is further increased if you do not take care of the seal.

To ensure that the seals last as long as possible, always clean it at least once a month. Use warm water with soap and clean the seals thoroughly. However, if you discover that the seals are broken, torn, or cracked, replace them immediately.

4. Check the temperatures

Sometimes, you might assume that the fridge is working fine even when there is a problem with it. The best way to figure out if something were wrong with your refrigerator is to check the temperature. If it has a hard time maintaining a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit even if you set it like that, there is a problem. Your fridge should be below 40 degrees Fahrenheit because that is the temperature where harmful bacteria’s growth slows down significantly.


Ensure that your kitchen is running fine. Failure to do so can mean that the fridge struggles to keep your food fresh and edible, leaving you with a box filled with spoiled items. Essentially, you’ll be wasting your time cleaning out as well as the money you’ve spent buying them. To save yourself the headache, maintain your fridge as best as you could.

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rachel frampton -

My sister would like to have her refrigerator fixed because it’s already leaking, which is why she’s has decided to start looking for an appliance repair service. Well, you made a pretty good point that baking soda and vinegar will help get rid of the dirt too. We’ll also keep in mind to keep the ref clean at least once a month.

rachel frampton -

My father would like to have his home’s refrigerator’s compressor replaced since it’s already leaking. Well, I also agree with you that it would be smarter to clean the appliance with baking soda and vinegar. Thank you for clarifying here as well the importance of maintaining its temperature at least below 40 degrees.


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