4 Healthy Snacks to Have on Hand in Your Dorm’s Mini-Fridge

Do you always find yourself hungry in your dorm room? If you do, then we can almost guarantee that you have a stash of snacks somewhere hidden away from prying eyes. We’re also guessing that those snacks are probably chips, cookies, canned sardines, and foods of that sort. 

While these all taste fantastic, they’re also quite unhealthy for you, since they’re all processed. Having these snacks regularly can hurt your academic performance by impacting your health, and that’s something you don’t want to happen. 

Instead, we highly recommend that you grab yourself a mini-fridge so that you can store all sorts of healthy snacks inside! Wondering what you can put inside a mini-fridge? Here are a few examples:

1. Fruits

Really, the best snacks you can ever have in your mini-fridge are fruits, whether they of the fresh or the dried variety.

Since they’re packed with vitamins, as well as sugars, not only will it strengthen your body and mind, but it’ll give you that boost of energy you need to pull off an all-nighter or study for your exam. Plus, who doesn’t like fruits? They taste like candy, but without any of the unhealthiness!

2. Nuts and Seeds

While you don’t necessarily need to store nuts and seeds in the fridge, keeping them there will keep the ants away for sure.

However, when you go out to purchase nuts and seeds for snacking, try to avoid ones that are salted. The extra salt that comes with salted nuts is quite a lot and does nothing more than hurt your body by raising your blood pressure. This leads to a myriad of problems, such as strokes, kidney diseases, and so on.

That said, make sure to purchase salt-free nuts and seeds. While you can eat them by themselves, you can also throw them into salads for more crunch and flavor.

3. Eggs

Nothing says speed snacking better than an egg in a mug. Just crack open an egg into a mug and microwave it!  Not only is it packed full of protein, but it’s also way more satisfying than you realize. Throw in a little soy sauce or even a bit of salt, and you’ve got yourself a tasty small meal to tide you over the afternoon.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt is an excellent snack, whether you’re eating it alone or with something else. Plus, it’s also an excellent replacement for those unhealthy dips you might find in the grocery. For example, rather than putting sour cream on your chips, yogurt is a great alternative. Another way you can use yogurt is as a dip for your vegetables and fruits. You can even use it to eat cereal, giving your breakfast a creamy and crunchy texture.


There are just so many other food items you can put in your dorm mini-fridge. The list goes on and on, but here are a few extras to keep in mind: whole-grain bread, trail mix, and salsa!

If you don’t have a mini-fridge for yourself just yet, then it might be a good idea to invest in one right away. Plus, you can share it with your mate if you feel like it. Just don’t forget to label what’s yours. Otherwise, your snack-attack might just end in frustration when you find that your trail mix is all but gone!

Wondering how much a mini-fridge costs? Well, we’ve got plenty of articles to answer your questions and more on our website!

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