4 Reasons Why You Need a Mini Fridge for Your Office Space

There’s nothing more fulfilling than having your very own office desk. While the nine-to-five job isn’t for everyone, many enjoy the steady flow of tasks especially since you’re free to move as you wish. You can decorate your desk with photos of your liking. File cabinets can be filled with personal items, ranging from toiletries to condiments. The corner of your desks can be piled with books and notebooks for easy reach, as with pens and pencils for all your writing needs. There’s no space or corner left unused—your office desk should feel like a comfortable extension of your own home! You spend hours of your life stuck there anyway, so it’s only right that you make it feel as comfortable as possible.

While the possibilities are endless, there is a downside to office life:  the communal kitchen fridge. Unfortunately, as with your own home, the fridge serves as a food storage space for everyone. The only difference is that you’re sharing this one with 40 other people, so the chances of coming across turned dairy milk, rotten leftovers, and theft are at an all-time high. Space can be hard to come by for your own nutritional needs, too.

There is a way to counter this—buying a mini-fridge! Here are three reasons why you need to get one now:

Reason #1: No more rotten food

With your mini-fridge, your encounters with mysterious, sticky containers of food will come to an end. There will be no turned milk that will make the storage smell putrid, nor space to fight over. It may be small, but it’s your space! It holds you accountable, too, helping you stay responsible, clean, and organized. 

Reason #2: Space will never be an issue

Mini refrigerators are small in size. You can easily keep one under your desk, as they don’t consume huge amounts of space. They’re specifically designed for bedrooms, dorm rooms, and even small office spaces! You’ll never be called to your manager’s office for bringing your fridge in the office—being small and portable, it won’t interrupt office flow!

Reason #3: You won’t be called out for electricity costs, either!

How much energy does a mini fridge use? Not so much—the communal fridge consumes 8 to 10 times more! Remember: the higher the consumption, the higher the amount of the energy bill. Your mini one won’t be adding up to that, as you’re saving on energy!

Reason #4: Your favorites are well within reach

You spend most of your time and energy at the office. Chances are your morning routine already unfolds during office hours, and you may end up working late from time to time. To keep your energy levels intact, it’s always comfortable to have your favorite food items accessible. Keeping a fresh jar of peanut butter can instantly lift your mood, as with having a fresh bottle of milk for your morning coffee. Fresh greens are also more than welcome to decorate your lunch, and quick bites like cookies and candy bars can help you get through afternoon hunger pangs. With a mini-fridge at hand, storing all of these goodies is possible!


You spend so much of your time glued to your desk and work. Remember that you’re likely spending a bulk of your time at the office, so it’s only right that you keep your designated space as comfortable as possible. This includes food and what better way to keep yourself healthy than by getting a mini-fridge? Break free from the black hole contraption that is the communal fridge—you don’t need to be exposed to mysterious containers of food and rancid smells ever again! 

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