4 Skin-Care Products That You Should Be Storing in Your Minifridge

Today, being extra seems to be the norm. Whether that’s with the outfits we wear or the homes we decorate, we go that extra mile to make sure everything is sleek, stylish, and perfect. That said, one of the things many people take to a whole new level is their skincare routine. Some people might apply a mask every single night, while others look for therapists or dermatologists to get their skin looking perfect. However, there are a few people that take the extra extra mile and purchase mini-fridges to store their skincare items! 

You read that right. The humble mini-fridge that was built to store food is now being used to put away skincare products and cosmetics. If you’re a skincare junkie looking to make your skincare products last, here are the products you should be putting in the fridge:

1. Clay-Based Products

If there is one product that you must put in your fridge, that would be anything that is clay-based. As it is, clay is extremely prone to drying. Because of this, if you were to leave any clay products out, even at room temperature, it will dry out eventually. 

As such, store any clay-based products you might have in your fridge. That way, they’ll last a lot longer and stay moist. No longer will you have to toss your half-used clays because they’ve dried out, essentially wasting your hard-earned cash.

2. Moisturizers

Moisturizers are meant to help, well, moisturize! Putting your moisturizer in your fridge not only guarantees that it’ll never dry out, a cold moisturizer applied onto your skin feels super refreshing. Plus, since it’s cold, it helps lock in the hydration, meaning that you stay fresh and dewy looking all day long.

3. Eye Cream

Another product you can place in the mini-fridge would be eye creams. Again, not only does it keep the product moist and increase its lifespan, but because it is colder, the eye cream becomes much more effective at what it does.

How so? When we age, the fat around our eyes start to disappear. This fat is necessary for covering the blue tint around our eyes that show up when we age or when we’re tired. This blue shade starts to show up when the veins below the skin begin to show, giving it that color. However, when you apply a cold eye cream to this area, the veins shrink, making the surface look much less blue, and making you look much less tired.

4. Anti-Itch Creams

If you have skin that’s prone to being itchy, then you probably have anti-itch creams lying around.

If so, then put it in your fridge! Like with the moisturizers and the eye creams, it’ll keep the cream moist, and the coolness will soothe your skin further. Put simply, cold anti-itch creams help calm your skin much more effectively than room-temp ones.


If you’re anything near serious about keeping your skin young and fresh, consider investing in a mini-fridge. With it, not only can you store some of your snacks, but your skincare products as well. However, take care that you do not put anything oil-based, as they might solidify, making them near impossible to use. Also, if you share the mini-fridge with someone else, let them know that you’re placing skincare products in there and then label them. The last thing you want to happen is someone thinking that your expensive aloe-gel is some new form of butter

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