5 of the Best Organization Tips for your Refrigerator

One of the most taken-for-granted advancements in human technology is refrigeration. The development of the refrigerator has increased the lifespan of many perishable goods, helping us save money and time. Many of us normally don’t even realize the importance of the refrigerator in our household—at least, not until it breaks. 

A refrigerator, like any other machine, needs care, cleaning, and maintenance. With the right amount of effort, your fridge will last longer and be more energy-efficient. To that end, here are some of the best organization tips for any fridge:

1. Sort the contents with baskets, boxes, or drawer organizers

It can be tempting to stuff all our groceries in the fridge without any sense of organization. The daily hustle and bustle of working life is tiring, but neglecting to organize your fridge can cause added stress later on. An improperly organized fridge can even increase the risk of spoiled food, especially if the leftovers are pushed and accidentally hidden in the back.

A good way to ensure that your fridge is organized is to use small baskets or drawer organizers to keep everything in place. Old boxes can even be recycled into trays if you cut the top section away. 

This can help keep ingredients and food visible to anyone who opens the fridge, reducing the likelihood it will be forgotten. It also reduces the risk of spillage, as any spilled contents are likely to end up in the boxes. 

2. Label everything

Labeling your fridge organizers can go a long way towards keeping your machine organized. A label will help tell you where to look for that hard-to-find ingredient and helps new groceries go to their proper places in the compartments. 

You can also label perishable items with their expiry dates to ensure they are never wasted.

3. Keep a list of the contents on the door

Using fridge magnets or whiteboard markers, you can make a list of your fridge’s contents on the door. You’ll be able to track your inventory more easily, which will alert you of when you need to restock on certain items. 

An environmental benefit to this is that you end up keeping your refrigerator closed, saving precious energy. 

4. Use a spinning spice rack

If you only moderately stock your fridge, a spinning spice rack can save you from the inconvenience of having to take out other bottles and jars before you find what you were looking for. It also speeds up your search time, making sure your fridge isn’t open longer than it needs to be.

5. Clean it regularly

This should go without saying, but even if it is the most tedious and annoying item on this list, it’s still the most important. Clean your fridge once a month to avoid the growth of molds and other bacteria. During this monthly cleaning, you could also clear out expired goods.

Over time, you’ll notice that it takes less and less effort to clean your fridge. It will also look more inviting and have a longer lifespan.


There is no refrigerator model that doesn’t benefit from a little tender, loving care. Dedicating a regular time to cleaning and organizing your fridge can give you peace of mind in the long run and make your grocery shopping more efficient and cost-effective. 

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