6 Common Refrigerator Food Storage Mistakes to Avoid – What to Know

Your refrigerator allows you to conveniently keep your food fresh much longer than usual. However, misusing it can defy its main purpose and do the opposite instead, leading you to food and money wastage.

The key to making sure that all your food is fresh, clean, and tasty is by storing it inside your refrigerator the proper way. If you want to avoid wasting various food products, here are six common refrigerator food storage mistakes that you should avoid:

1. Placing the wrong food in the fridge

Know that placing some fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator can actually affect their taste and texture.

Keep in mind that not all food products should be stored in the refrigerator. Some food items that you can put in your refrigerator are apples, and carrots, to name a few. On the other hand, you should put avocados, bananas, nectarines, pears, and peaches in the fridge only if they are about to overripe. 

2. Storing baked goods in the fridge

When placed in the refrigerator, baked goods dry out easily, which makes them unappetizing. To keep your baked items as fresh as the moment you put them in your mini-fridge, bring out only the serving that you need and not the entire loaf. It is also recommended to slice a baguette or a whole loaf of bread before freezing them.

3. Using the door shelves for easily perishable foods

The place where you position your food items in the refrigerator can also affect its freshness. For instance, the milk should not be placed on the tall shelf in your refrigerator door because this spot experiences the most fluctuations in temperature. Instead, the best place to store your more perishable foods, which includes milk, eggs, other dairy products, and meat, should be in the colder parts of your refrigerator, particularly at the back.

4. Keeping food items in opened cans

While it may be tempting to store food items in cans once they are opened, leaving them in it will make them taste stale and metallic. To avoid having this dilemma, you should transfer them into a clean container as soon as you open the cans.

5. Failing to eat your leftovers

You may not notice it, but oftentimes, the food stored in your fridge freezer that usually does not get eaten is the leftovers. They typically go unnoticed, especially when they are hiding in covered containers or aluminum foil in the back of your fridge. Because of this, you should invest in high-quality see-through food containers so that you can easily spot your leftovers and prevent them from being stored in your fridge for a long time, making it spoil and go to waste.

6. Lacking a container for food scraps

It is easy to toss leftover bits of onion, carrot, and other food items into the trash. However, keep in mind that you can still use them the next time you are making sauces, soups, pasta dishes, and more. To keep them fresh, assign a dedicated clean food storage container for edible food scraps and leftovers and place them in your fridge. Make sure to check the container regularly and inspect their freshness as well.


Whether you own a touch-screen fridge or a refrigerator without a water dispenser, this appliance helps you preserve your food for a longer period. To keep your produce and other food items fresh and cool, keep in mind the mistakes mentioned above so that you can store them properly and correctly.

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