6 Practical Tips in Organizing a French Door Fridge

When it comes to investing in a fridge, the French door refrigerator can be your best bet. For the uninitiated, this type is a fridge that consists of two doors standing side by side. It opens out from the middle to show the compartments within, usually with the freezer at the unit’s bottom.

Many benefits come with investing in a French door refrigerator, such as having ample space, enough storage, logical layout, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal. However, there are a few aspects to consider to make the most out of your fridge.

In this article, we’ll share with you six practical tips on how to organize your fridge to maximize the space and boost its functionality:

1. Put the leftovers on top

It makes sense to position the leftovers on top of the fridge, so they can easily be seen and consumed. It isn’t practical to put them in the back part as they can get ignored and eventually end up spoiled. Unless, of course, they need to be chilled, then you have to put them in. For the most part, however, they are better left conspicuous on top of your fridge.

2. Sort the condiments on the doors

The doors are the warmest part of your fridge. For this reason, your condiments are best positioned in these areas. As condiments have preservatives, they’re good staying in this part of the fridge, but be sure to sort them out properly for easy use and access. As the doors are the warmest, remove items that need to be chilled, such as milk and cheese.

3. Separate the fruits and vegetables

It’s common among many households to mix the fruits and veggies together and throw them somewhere on the fridge—usually the drawer. As a rule of thumb, be sure to put fruits in the low humidity area and vegetables in the high humidity side. Doing so can make your veggies fresher, and your fruits crisper and tastier. 

4. Adjust the shelving

Shelves usually vary in sizes because they are meant to be adjusted to accommodate the household needs. It’s best to think about the fridge layout and arrange everything through the help of proper shelving. While you’re at it, make some necessary adjustments on the height to create the right space for your foods and other items.

5. Use the pull-out tray

Never underestimate the use of a pull-out tray, as it offers additional storage options. For instance, you can utilize it for your pizza box, veggie tray, or party platter. Ultimately, it serves to provide easy access, apart from storage.

6. Label your Tupperware

Don’t forget to label your Tupperware, as doing so can save you time, money, and guesswork. Labels help you know where to put the things in your fridge and maintain them there in the long run. They also serve to remind you and your household members on making proper storage.


The six tips provided above are straightforward and relatively simple to follow. If you want to maintain the functionality of your fridge, all it takes is to put the leftovers on top, sort the condiments on the doors, separate the fruits and vegetables, adjust the shelving, use the pull-out tray, and label your Tupperware. You’ll be amazed at how doing all these can keep your fridge looking good and completely organized!

Have a small fridge with French doors but don’t know how to sort the items inside? Be sure to follow the valuable tips discussed above. If you want more tips, reviews, analysis, and recommendations of high-quality French door refrigerators, browse our site and read our articles today!

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