6 Things to Do If You’re Placing a Fridge on a Carpeted Floor

An ideal location for a fridge is by the kitchen, on a cool tiled floor. However, you may think you want to place a refrigerator in your carpeted room to have easy access to snacks or skincare items. Or perhaps you found yourself in a tight space, and you have no other option but to place it on the rug-covered floor. 

No matter the reason, you’re faced with installing and putting a fridge on carpeting. It can be a little worrying as carpets can disrupt the airflow and heat compressor of the refrigerator. 

Here are six things you should do if you need to place the fridge in a carpeted area.

Use Different Material for the Foundation

Even though your whole flooring is carpeted, you still need to put something in between it and the fridge. Refrigerators can require too much energy production if their compressor and condenser are blocked by the carpet, which will lead to future repairs and higher electricity bills. 

Save yourself from any future expenses by placing a barrier in between the fridge and carpet. Get material that’s thick enough and can handle the heat of the refrigerator. We recommend a solid wooden board or an adjustable linoleum base.  

Test Opening and Closing the Door

Whether you’re placing it by the corner or near other furniture, remember to test the fridge’s door before committing to the location and installment. Ideally, you should still be able to open and close the door without a problem. If you’ve already placed the refrigerator on a smaller foundation, the bottom of the door shouldn’t drag on the carpet. 

Be Mindful of the Cooling Coil

Since refrigerators can take up heat, there is a coil that combats and helps calm the appliance. You can spot the coil at the rear or bottom of the fridge, depending on the brand. It’s essential to keep the coil cool to avoid fires, but it can be near impossible to do so with coils at the fridge’s bottom. Try to get one that’s rear-cooling instead.

Inspect Any Damages

Before placing and installing the fridge, premeditatively check for holes that might leak. Not only are you at risk of ruining your carpet, but you might also be inviting some mildew in your home. Run your hands along the door and the fridge’s exterior for any sudden bursts of air it may emit. If there is, time to check for alternatives.

Place a Small Mat in Front

When you’re grabbing a drink from the fridge, there’s always a possibility for you to spill it. Typically, you just need to mop up the mess and wipe it clean, but that’s not an option for carpets. Grab a small mat that you can place on top of the carpet to catch any sudden accidents.

Thaw Out the Ice

Everything may be going smoothly since installing the fridge on your carpet, but you need to watch out for any ice formation in your fridge. If you see ice building up, it’s a telltale sign that your fridge is about to leak. Thaw it out and set your fridge’s settings to defrost every six months to avoid ice from forming. 


It’s not advisable to skip these steps because you might have a defective fridge on your hands pretty quickly after installing it. Ensure your fridge’s lifespan by placing it in an optimal location with suitable safeguards. 

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