A Buyer’s Simple Guide to Miniature Refrigerators

Miniature refrigerators, or mini fridges, are smaller versions of regular refrigerator units that fit easily in tighter spaces. They are generally less expensive to purchase, but the lower costs mean you’ll be sacrificing storage capacity as well as energy efficiency.

There are several types of mini fridges, and they are mostly categorized according to their size. If you’re looking to buy one for your home or office, this guide will help you make your decision.

But first, let’s answer one question you might have:

How big is a mini refrigerator?

Technically speaking, a refrigerator that has a storage capacity of less than 5.5 cubic feet is considered a mini refrigerator. Their height can vary from less than 20 inches to over 40 inches, which means you can easily make room for one in any corner. You can even place smaller units on top of a counter or similar surface.

The size classifications of mini fridges

Mini refrigerators, as mentioned, are categorized according to their size. Take a look below for a more detailed breakdown of its types:

1. Cube type

Cube type mini refrigerators are extremely compact. They are typically no higher than 20 inches tall. They’re also incredibly lightweight as far as refrigerators go—with most units weighing as little as 30 pounds or even less. This means you can safely place them on top of a table, and some designs can even be stacked on top of one another.

2. Mid-sized

The next step up is mid-sized units that can go up to 26 inches tall. These are truly miniature versions of regular refrigerators and will possess the same features and functionality that their bigger counterparts have.

3. Counter-height

Finally, counter-height refrigerators are exactly what their name would suggest. They are designed to be the same height as most kitchen countertops—about 36 inches or more. They are excellent choices for spaces that need a fully functioning refrigerator minus the need for plenty of storage capacity.

There is another subtype of mini refrigerators, and that is the two-door variety. Two-door refrigerators are typically available as mid-sized or counter-height, and are rarely seen in cube designs. As their name would suggest, they have two doors. One opens to the refrigerator part, while the other opens to the freezer compartment.

How to choose the right mini refrigerator

All of the aforementioned types come in endless varieties, so it’s up to you to find the one best suited to your needs.

First, consider what your budget is. Generally, the smaller the refrigerator, the less expensive it will be. Some smaller units, however, will be built with more functions in its design. Other features such as service warranties will also factor in, and all of these can dramatically alter the price.

You also want to consider how much space you have available. Take the measurements listed above when choosing the right unit to fit your space.

Finally, you also want to account for the intended use of the refrigerator. If you expect to be using your unit for more than just a few drinks, for example, you will definitely need to invest in one of the larger models.


Looking for the perfect mini refrigerator can be an easy, enjoyable task. It’s pretty much like shopping for a normal-sized refrigerator, except you’re doing it on a smaller scale.

If you’re looking for the perfect mini refrigerator to suit you and your home, check out our blog for reviews on some of the most popular refrigerator models on the market today.

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