About Fridge Layouts: Which One Is the Best For Your Home?

One of the trickiest kitchen appliances to shop for in any household is the refrigerator because of the many kinds of available units and brands. You often have to “agree to disagree” and settle for a fridge that you or other family members may not like. That is why you and your family should have some general knowledge about different fridge layouts to help inform your purchasing choices. 

This article will help you get to a favorable verdict regarding the best fridge layout. Take this as an opportunity to invest in a fridge that your whole family can appreciate to ensure that everyone can call your house a home. 

Layout #1: The Traditional Fridge Layout

The traditional fridge is a true American classic that started to become a household staple around the 1920s. The freezer is located at the top, and there are three to four compartments below. You can also see the crisper either at the bottom of the fridge or just below the freezer. 

This is a layout that you may prefer if your family is more comfortable with the classic fridge. They won’t need to worry about adjusting to any new functions, meaning they can conveniently access everything. 

However, the traditional fridge often lacks modern solutions made for the everyday lifestyle. For example, this layout is also known as the fridge with a freezer but without a water dispenser, meaning you need to be attentive to refilling water pitchers and ice trays for cold refreshments. 

As such, you need to be prepared for any inconveniences and adjustments associated with the traditional fridge. You can also turn to other fridge layouts that can satisfy your needs. 

Layout #2: The Mini Fridge 

Mini fridges are a popular layout for many homeowners who have small spaces, like in tiny houses and mobile homes. The layout is compact, convenient to move around, and stylish. However, there are mini fridges with larger electricity consumption that you have to be mindful of, as these will require you to pay more with daily use. 

Fortunately, there are now different mini fridges with better energy-efficiency compared to older models. You just need to be attentive to each mini fridge unit you consider by reading the product description. That way, you can make the best purchase suitable for your living situation. 

Layout #3: The French Door Fridge Layout

French door fridges have recently gained popularity among many homeowners due to their unique layout, which features the freezer being found at the bottom. This is the dream scenario for most home kitchens because you can simply open the main doors and conveniently get snacks and refreshments, as compared to the traditional fridge layout wherein you have to bend down to find the food and drinks you want. There are also French door fridges with water and ice dispensers made for your convenience. However, there are some critical issues with this layout. 

French door fridges have more moving parts than other configurations, making repairs and maintenance more costly. For example, you may have trouble with the movable shelving that gets stuck. That’s why you should take the time to read the proper usage and maintenance information in the product manual. You should also consult other fridge resources, like articles and product reviews, to help you determine whether the French door design is ideal for your home. 


There are many kinds of fridge layouts, and now, you know some of the basic types to choose from. You should continue your search by looking for more information about fridges that can help you. Read more about fridges to help you and your family pick the best unit for your needs and preferences. 

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