Affordable Retro Refrigerators You Can Buy Online

Having a retro refrigerator at home is something some people take pride in. This is because it adds a different personality and vibe to their home’s aesthetic, unlike that of more modern refrigerator designs. Retro refrigerators can be bought in almost any color and size, with some models even using accent handlers to make it stand out even better.

The Problem with Retro Refrigerators

It’s distinct beauty makes for an incredible flaw, not only is it hard to find, but it’s expensive to boot. Most retro fridges come at a particularly high price, typically sporting a price tag with at least $2,000 on it. That is why no matter how much homeowners want its retro style, they are left with modern fridge model

Luckily, there are brands that offer affordable retro refrigerator models that don’t compromise its retro aesthetics, while still maintaining a relatively advanced functionality. Two of those brand manufacturers are Galanz and Unique. These two offer several retro refrigerators to give homes a different style and vibe. Although they have a retro look, they also have modern features to catch up and address the “modern needs” of homeowners. 

Even better, you can buy these items in the comfort of your home—just browse through their online catalogs, and it will arrive at your home before you even know it. Here are two highly affordable retro refrigerator models from reliable brands that you can buy online:

Fridge #1: Retro Top Mount Freezer Refrigerator from Galanz

This particular retro refrigerator model is the latest one from the Galanz retro line. Although it has a “classic, old, and retro” look, this fridge has modern features—much like what you’d get from more modern designs! It has an original 12 cu. ft. capacity and comes in three available color options: red, black, and blue. To top it off, this retro fridge is on the affordable range, particularly becuase Galanz products typically range between $599.99 to $999.99 from online and physical stores.

Basic Features:

  • Two-door racks
  • Bright interior lighting
  • Clear and spacious fruit and vegetable crisper
  • Four-full adjustable and removable glass shelves

Special & Unique features:

  • Automatic defrost system
  • In-the-door can rack

Fridge #2: Bottom-Mount Retro Fridge-Freezer from Unique

This retro fridge model from Unique is popular for its incredible convenience, as well as it’s space and energy-saving features. This model sports a narrower width than traditional designs, making it easier to fit in virtually any space in your kitchen, bar, cottage, or man-cave. Its unique design comes with a nine cu. ft. capacity and color options of red, black, white, and shades of blue. Its price goes under $1000 and can be bought directly from the manufacturer or from Home Depot online and physical stores.

Basic Features:

  • Four adjustable glass shelves
  • Four full-width adjustable door shelves
  • Deep crisper
  • Three freezer drawers

Special & Unique Features:

  • Four-bottle wine rack
  • Relatively narrow width


Retro refrigerators give your home a more distinctly classic and vibrant look. Having these can add style and taste in your home’s aesthetic, making it a unique vibe than what you can typically see in most homes. While these are usually considered expensive, there still remain highly affordable models with advanced functionalities as well—just search for Galanz and Unique, and get your retro fridge today!

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