3 Things to Be Mindful of to Best Care for Your Mini Fridge

Most people don’t really see the need for getting a mini fridge when there’s already a full-fledged refrigerator in the kitchen. However, there’s a variety of reasons why getting a mini fridge might just be for you. Some people usually purchase one when they’re moving away to a university dormitory, while others get one when they have to rent long-term in a smaller space.

A mini-fridge can also be of use to persons with disabilities who may find it challenging to go down to the regular fridge and head back up again. Having a mini-fridge in the room can just help save time and effort for a person, which is why it’s important to provide it with the best care.

Here are four things you can do to ensure that:

Positioning Your Mini Fridge

When you’ve chosen a mini fridge and purchased it, what follows is the transportation and its placement. It can be a little tough since it is very fragile. Without a vehicle, it can be a little risky to get to the room you want it to go in. Just be sure to be very careful and keep it upright at all times.

Once you’ve found a spot and electrical socket to plug it in, it’s time to lay it down and position it to go upright. Try to ensure that it isn’t on the carpet and on a flat surface instead. Wait a day before plugging it in and allowing the fridge to cool.

Stocking Up Your Mini Fridge

A general rule with mini fridges, or with refrigerators in general, is to not overfill them. There’s a limit to the capacity a fridge can hold, and taking note of how much you can put inside will be vital in ensuring its lifespan. As for what exactly you’ll be putting in there, almost anything goes. Just keep in mind that most dishes that aren’t sealed up will affect the smell of your mini fridge.

Most people usually put in sodas, water, and other snacks that they’d want to keep cold. College kids usually opt to sneak in some bottles of beer or wine in there. You could also put some skincare and makeup products; just remember to check the label beforehand.

Maintaining Your Mini Fridge

After getting it all set up and stocked, maintaining your fridge will be one of the best ways to care for your fridge. It’s ideal to clean your fridge out at least once a week. You should also remember to throw out anything expired to protect both your stomach and the mini fridge. Set up a little reminder for that on your phone.

Another thing to note is the need to defrost your mini fridge for a whole 24 hours. Just like your regular-sized fridge, defrosting is needed to remove the odors, make it easier to clean, and stops bacteria from getting in. 


Being mindful of your mini fridge’s position, storage, and maintenance can ensure that it’ll stay usable for a long time. That way, you can save a trip to the kitchen and just stay in the comfort of your own room. 

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