What are the Best French Door Refrigerator Brands?

Purchasing the best French door refrigerator brand can be a somewhat difficult task as you first need to learn all the different brands available and compare them all to each other. It can be difficult to determine which the best of them all is considering there are a large number of them and even greater number of refrigerators available. You might be confused on whether to get a top freezer refrigerator or the one with a bottom freezer. The battle between bottom freezers and top freezers has been there for eons and it’s upon you to decide on the one that suits your needs.  

One of the first steps you will definitely need to take before making your decision to investigate the best refrigerator brands, which you know of the types of French door refrigerators that they provide. This should give you a good base for comparing any refrigerators you see and give you a good starting point for which one you’re most likely to purchase.

You will also want to investigate further and find brand names that you have not heard of but still have a strong reputation in your country, where you live and also amongst the local retailers in your area. As you probably know, there are some french door fridges that are more energy efficient than others. Let's take a look at some of the best French refrigerator brands.

What brands are the most trustworthy?

Starting off with some of the more well-known global brands, here are a few that you might want to start your search if you currently do not know of any other possible brands or want to get a second opinion when conducting your search for the best French door refrigerator brand.

  • LG
  • Samsung
  • General Electric

LG Corporation is a South Korean multinational that has been in operation since 1947 and is a worldwide brand, known and renowned in many countries across the globe. It is especially predominant in electronics, telecommunications and power generation. LG also has a large number of refrigerators and French door models available. This brand is well known for manufacturing fridges with awesome features such as stainless steel finishes, ice maker, spill proof glass shelves and an intaview door.

Samsung is another South Korean based multinational that has been around since 1938 and also a very popular brand. Its main focus is electronics and one of its forte’s, however it still provides a variety of home appliances including kitchen equipment, which meets the same standards as its other high quality goods. You can get a refrigerator with features such as high quality glass shelves, humidity controlled freezer, and a water dispenser if you decide to go for this brand.

General Electric is another multinational that is however an American corporation. Founded in 1892 it is one of the older and more prestigious electrical goods companies in the world is famous for its production of consumer electronics, services as an energy provider and also its creation of household appliances; which are of top quality. This could be a perfect choice if you are looking for a french door side refrigerator that will keep your food fresh for a long time.

Additional Brands To Consider


Kenmore is a renowned brand known for its uncompromised quality and performance. The brand offers innovative and exclusive features in almost any electric appliance it manufactures. The company is committed to delivering user-friendly and performance-oriented products to their clients. You can go for this brand if you are looking for the best side refrigerators with black stainless steel door shelves.


Maytag delivers quality products that are built to stand the test of time. Every new product launched by Maytag is backed by years of experience and commitment. The appliances offered by this brand help to keep your home running flawlessly.

For instance, a Maytag’s stainless steel refrigerator with a side top will give a sturdy and sleek appearance to your kitchen, yet are durable and uncompromising when it comes to function and quality.


Whirlpool makes a wide range of home appliances that are innovative and come from unique ideas. They have the vision to deliver such products that add value to your home and keep all the things in working order. The design details are attractive and functional.


Amana was founded in 1934 and it still serving its consumers with some of the best refrigerators. As a top-rated brand, Amana believes in offering the highest quality home appliances that are both dependable and affordable. This keeps your home in the right order, as all the appliances launched by Amana are well-thought and engineered.


Frigidaire appliances are remarkable and well-built. The use of innovative and adaptive technology makes this brand one of the most trustworthy manufacturer of home appliances. The product range offered by this brand responds well to all your home appliance needs.


Making home appliances since 1919, this makes it one of the most trusted brands in the world. The century-old confidence of their consumers is still powering this brand to continue offering outstanding products. Besides their extraordinary built-quality, the products offered are also affordable.


Electrolux offers a wide range of kitchen and other home appliances. The brand gained popularity by creating high-end products for popular hotel chains and world-class chefs. The same level of perfection and commitment is still followed by the Electrolux while offering their best home appliances range.

Viking French

Viking keeps its focus on delivering highly capable products that are on another level. The brand offers a variety of innovative and high-tech home appliances. It became a part of the Middleby Corporation, which helped the company gain more resources and expertise.


Despite what this article states there are still a wide variety of brands and reliable refrigerators currently available that all can provide a high level of quality with their French door refrigerators and just because a brand is not mentioned here does not mean it is no good, which is only a guide for helping you learn what the best fridge is for you. Make sure you consider important features like the size of the storage space in cubic feet, adjustable shelves, led lighting, eye level, fingerprint resistant, humidity controls, crisper drawers, water and ice dispenser before you make the final decision.