BLACK+DECKER BCRK32B Compact Refrigerator Review

Quick Overview





  • Affordable for most
  • 2 glass, 3 door shelves
  • Door is reversible (left or right opening)
  • Consistent freezer


  • Only one door

We wouldn’t be too wrong if we were to say that refrigerators are undergoing a structural revolution. What do we mean? While the regular fridge was quite common for the past few decades, today we can see that eco-friendly mini-fridges are taking over.

Not only are college students and people living in small apartments benefiting from the space-saving compact refrigerators, people who want to save money and space are investing in these convenient models.

There is no doubt that Danby and BLACK+DECKER have been leading the market when it comes to the versatility and quality of the given products.

While the former may be more popular due to the number of other kitchen appliances that they regularly offer, we have to say that our personal favorite is the BLACK+DECKER BCRK32B Compact Refrigerator. Why? Mostly because it provides excellent performance at a low price.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK32B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

It is no secret that BLACK+DECKER products are popular due to the innovative designs that highlight them. Most refrigerator models have the same core, and that is the flat-back and adjustable-leg design. This goes a long way if you are living in a small apartment or a college dorm, and you need to figure out where to fit in this kitchen appliance. 

Who is this product for? 

We already suggested that this refrigerator is ideal for people who are living in small spaces and don’t have the space to fit a full-sized fridge. But if we were to be honest, other people can benefit from it as well. This is mostly due to the design and the reliable performance that the fridge and freezer offers.

Given the fact that you also get an ice cube tray, you can see how this little compact refrigerator can very soon turn into the main star of any college party.

What’s included?

Apart from the refrigerator itself, you are getting 2  spill-proof shelves as well as 3 shelves that are built-in to the door. In addition, there are the freezer and ice cube tray that can go a long way if you are a fan of smoothies or whiskey on rocks. 

Overview of features

Before we get into the few critical features that highlight this product, we want to mention that investing in it is something you will not regret. Apart from the great build quality, the warranty that covers this product is reliable, and you can be sure to get in touch with their customer service 24/7.

Given the customizable design, the problem of space disappears. Apart from that, the sleek black finish is something that will go well in any given environment, whether we are talking about retro or a modern kitchen style. This brand doesn’t do badly when it comes to warranty and customer service either. You are getting 2 years for the compressor and a 1-year limited coverage for other parts.

Overall, there are more than a few points that justify our review of this model and why the B&D brand stands as one of the market leaders.

The refrigerator has only one door, which means you will need to open it before accessing the freezer. However, something that the company makes up for is by including more than enough separate compartments for you to fit both fresh produce and drinks.

Looking at the design, the size is convenient if you are looking to fit the fridge somewhere in between other appliances, while the adjustable thermostat is something that any proper refrigerator needs to have. Yes, it is a bit noisy, but that is something you will get used to, and shouldn't be a problem as you are not working in a strict office environment.

How to use it

Set the adjustable legs and make sure to find a good position for the flat-back refrigerator to be installed. Once you have done that, plug it in, and then turning it on is as simple as setting the dial to the right position. In order to access the freezer, just open the refrigerator door.

As you can see, nothing complicated, and in case there are some doubts you can settle that out by checking the user’s guide.


  • Affordable for most
  • 2 glass, 3 door shelves
  • Door is reversible (left or right opening)
  • Consistent freezer


  • Only one door


COSTAWAY Compact Refrigerator

If you don’t mind the somewhat higher price, then we can suggest this COSTAWAY product as an alternative to the refrigerator mentioned above. It is not as loud and it feature an additional freezer door which was the primary concern with the BLACK+DECKER product. On top of all that, it is attractive, and while it does not have as good a warranty policy, it features a sturdy build.


The BLACK+DECKER BCRK32B Compact Refrigerator is something that is economical if you are on a tight budget, living in a small space and you want to make the most out of your fridge and freezer combo.

There are no significant concerns when it comes to the relevant performance, which is the main reason why this model still stands as one of the bestselling mini-fridges on the market.

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