6 Cool Features Your Fridge of Choice Should Have

Refrigerators are now designed to provide a better user experience, from speedy chilling to faster ice and moisture control. How much is a mini-fridge? What features, on the other hand, do you require? How many of these characteristics should you be concerned about?

Toughened glass, spill-proof shelves, and adjustable shelves: Assume you have a party on Saturday and will be at work, so you won’t have time to shop for food.

On Friday, you buy 6 servings of biryani for your pals, and because you’re too lazy to sort it out, you throw the whole package into your fridge. It isn’t a little pack, and it isn’t light.

So, you’ll need a fridge that allows you to re-arrange the shelves to provide additional vertical room and sturdy shelves that won’t give or bow under such pressure. Adjustable, toughened glass shelves will come in handy here.

You’ll also need spill-proof shelving. When a particularly clumsy friend is pouring cola into his glass, there’s no telling when he’ll drop it on a shelf. People don’t always pay attention, and spills can happen.

Isn’t it better if the shelves have inverted edges that contain the spill rather than the liquid pouring all over your fridge? So, in addition to adjustable and reinforced glass, you’ll need spill-proof shelving to ensure that there’s never a mess.

1. Sliding Shelves

Slide-out shelves allow you to see what’s behind them, giving you a better picture of what’s truly in your fridge. It’s easy to forget about products that aren’t visible when you open the fridge, but sliding shelves will allow you to see them.

However, single-door models may not have this option, so you’ll have to seek it. They’re also easier to keep clean.

2. Moisture Control

Even if you bought the vegetables on Sunday, there’s no assurance that you’ll cook them on Monday.

You might have to wait another six days to get anything out of the veggie drawer. It won’t let these vegetables wilt and shrivel for the rest of the time.

To help in keeping your produce as fresh as possible for as long as possible, you’ll need a fridge with adequate humidity control. This takes approximately a week in most circumstances, and 

3. Cool Pack

Power outages are unavoidable no matter where you live in the country.

If you’re lucky, it’ll just be for a few hours, but there are occasions when the power goes off for nearly half a day, even while the temperature outside is above 40 degrees. It’s at this point when a Cool Pack comes in handy.

It sits in your fridge during regular hours, absorbing the cold so that if there is a power outage, it can disperse it and keep your fridge chilled until the power is restored.

This implies that even if you don’t have access to electricity, your refrigerator can preserve your food from rotting. It’s also a perfect feature if you have a fridge freezer without a water dispenser. 

4. Quick Cooling

Some refrigerators have a quick chill option that allows any object placed inside to cool down faster than in other refrigerators.

So, if you come home with a couple of beer cans, you can put them in the fridge, and they’ll be cooled before you complete your shower.

5. Covered Chill Tray

Some chill trays have a cover that lifts as you slide the tray out, while others have an open top.

Normally, chill trays hold products like cheese and butter, but with an open chill tray, aromas from the pizza you’ve kept could be mixed into the butter, making it smell strange when put on bread the following time.

Although a covered chill tray will not eliminate odors, it will help to reduce odor mixing.

6. Energy-conserving

An energy-efficient refrigerator will save you money and help you lessen your carbon footprint. Choose a model with three to five stars to save the most money on your mini-fridge electricity expenses.


So, know your demands, do your homework, and discover that there are a variety of refrigerators for bachelors like you out there, each with features tailored to meet your needs. Most importantly, don’t forget to get an Extended Warranty when you buy a fridge—with a solid strategy, you’ll have one less thing to worry about when it comes to repairs and service.

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