Best French Door Refrigerator Without Water Dispenser

Finding the best French door refrigerator without a water dispenser can be a little bit tricky at first. This is mainly due to the fact that most refrigerators these days are attempting to be more diverse and provide a much more mainstream number of features, of which this includes the functionality of a water dispenser on the fridge.

With the right tools and knowledge it is however possible to find the best French door refrigerator without water dispenser to help you get an idea of what might be the best one for you. There are still a wide variety of features that these fridges have and they are still strong competitors against those that do have a water dispenser.

Kenmore 73002 19.5 cu ft. French Door Refrigerator

This white French door refrigerator comes without any ice or water dispenser. Being manufactured by one of the most popular American brand, the top-rated build quality, and ultimate performance is always guaranteed.

In addition, to its durability, the energy-efficient operation of this fridge also grabs the attention of prospective buyers. The major features include chilling storage, SmartSense, a huge stock up capacity, and much more.

The stock up capacity of this particular fridge is seriously huge. With its 19.5 cubic feet storage capacity, you can organize your fridge in an easy and hassle-free manner. You can easily store huge platters and sheet cakes in its full-width deli drawer.

Besides, the gallon door bins fit almost any kind of bottle or jug. In fact, this fridge is popular for offering the chilliest storage compartment for your frozen food. Hence, you can feed your family with fresh and nutritious food for years to come.

Apart from gallon door bins and massive storage capacity, this fridge also offers a humidity-control mechanism within its crispers and a full-width deli drawer. This feature keeps the fruits and veggies fresh and crisp for the whole week.

Moreover, SmartSense technology helps to manage the equal level of cooling in almost every compartment. The sensor takes into account the slightest variation in temperature and adjusts it for maximum cooling.

The CleanFlow air filter keeps the interior air clean, pure and odor-free. It continuously circulates the air to eliminate odors. With this technology, your fruits and vegetables will still smell amazing even after storing it for a week.

The icemaker serves as a great feature if you want to entertain your guests with cold beverages and drinks. This French door refrigerator is perfectly designed to blend with almost any kind of kitchen layout and cabinetry design. Its 30-inch-wide design gives a nice feel to your kitchen.

When it comes to energy consumption, this fridge holds a good EnergyStar rating. It even has energy-efficient LED lights, which illuminates each corner of the refrigerator without consuming much energy. These lights also perform well, especially when compared to conventional incandescent bulbs.

The dimensions of this refrigerator make it more compatible with a wide range of kitchen cabinetry. Since it’s a counter-depth French door refrigerator, it should be easy for you to install it without compromising the layout of your kitchen.

This particular model doesn’t come with an external ice water dispenser. This may be a drawback for some people. Moreover, with so many features at your disposal, you might be able to adjust to this con.

Besides all the features mentioned above, the Kenmore 73002 19.5 cu ft. French door refrigerator affordable too. In fact, it appears to be one of the most adequately priced French door fridges available on the market.

36" Viking French-Door Refrigerator-RVRF3361

The Viking 36"French-door refrigerator model offers a wide array of features that prove to be the most engaging for most of the people. Some of these handy features include its air purification system, tri-level slide-out freezer baskets, self-closing freezer drawer, and adjustable ‘Cold Zone’ drawer.

The freestanding refrigerator comes with a conventional cabinet depth. The side panels are 24-inches deep, which seamlessly integrates with almost any type of existing cabinetry. The electronic temperature control is another feature that makes this fridge stand out among the rest.

With this built-in feature, you can easily set the temperature and view the temperature reading when opening the door. Its premium air purification mechanism provides a clean and odor-free atmosphere for your stored food. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the issue of odor transfer.

Talking about the adjustable shelves, this fridge comes with four different adjustable tempered glass shelves. Three of them are sliding, and the remaining one is slide-under. To add more value to the compartment, Viking offers its best spill-proof racks.

Besides, its adjustable ColdZone drawer is customizable, allowing you to use it as a storage compartment for frozen meat with its dedicated temperature control. When it comes to the appearance, this Viking refrigerator is a super sleek and attractive fridge.

The build quality is top-notch and can retain its fantastic finish for many years. Moreover, it offers a generous amount of storage space. The stored food items can stay fresh and maintain their nutritious value for longer. With so many features to offer, this French door refrigerator compensates for the need for a water or ice dispenser. However, for some this negative might be a deal-breaker.

LG LFC21776D- 20.9 cu. ft. Black Stainless Steel Counter Depth Refrigerator

The first impression this French door refrigerator makes is related to its beautiful and appealing looks. The black stainless steel finish not only gives it an astounding appearance but also makes it smudge-proof; it can retain its unsurpassable beauty for years to come.

The overall dimensions of this fridge render it as a perfect fit for any kitchen style or decor. However, it lacks an external ice or water dispenser, which usually serves as the most prominent feature. 

Some other features to consider are the Multi-Air Flow Technology, smudge-proof finish, and the best EnergyStar ratings. The Multi-Air Flow Technology is capable of ensuring the freshness and authentic taste of the stored food for an extended time.

Furthermore, it comes with a smudge-proof steel finish, which resists fingerprints and makes it easy to clean the surface. Almost all products launched by LG are known to be efficient electric appliances. Similar is the case with this LG LFC21776D- 20.9 cu. ft. black stainless steel counter depth refrigerator.

The performance of this refrigerator is up to the mark and impressive too. The cooling performance is fantastic, which keeps your beverages and food items chilled. With its elegant design, the fridge will blend in nicely with other kitchen elements.

Typically, counter-depth refrigerators are known for their sleek and exquisite looks. If you are looking to build a designer kitchen, this particular refrigerator is a great option to consider. Also, you will have the peace of mind, as it comes with a 10-year compressor warranty.

Samsung RF197 18 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator 

This French door refrigerator has the capacity for 18 cubic feet of storage and comes with a twin cooling plus system with surround airflow to keep the fridge smelling clean because of the good ventilation. Additionally it has power freeze and power cool to give a quick blast of coolness as well as self-closing doors in case you forget to close it.

The lack of water dispenser on the outside is supplemented by an internal icemaker so that you can get quick ice when needed without having to mess around with an ice tray that spills. It comes in a few different colors as well so that you can style it to suit the specific theme of your kitchen and keep your appliances all looking in sync.

For the most part the benefits of this French door refrigerator are maintained in its lower price, ensuring that you still get quality at a lower price when compared to some of the other brands that cost much more. Additionally the smaller size makes it much more compatible with smaller apartments or homes without much storage space.

Electrolux EI27BS16J 36" Standard-Depth French Door Refrigerator 

One of the larger French door refrigerators available that does not have an external water dispenser, it does h an internal ice maker as well as spill safe glass shelves and a humidity controlled crisper to keep your refrigerator smelling nice, organized accordingly and protected from any spills and food leftovers that might leave it dirty.

It also comes with IQ-Touch controls through a control panel that provides you with refrigerator options at all times so that you can tweak the settings and set it up to suit the types of items you will be storing in your fridge. Additionally the filtration system fosters a cleaner and hygienic fridge and LED lights provide excellent illumination.

One of the most favored features of this French door refrigerator without a water dispenser is the depth of it without including the doors, which is comprehensive and more than enough to store your food and perishables. Customers also enjoy that it is energy efficiency, easy to operate and has interchangeable settings in the control panel.

Buyers Guide

Energy Efficient Refrigerators

Most companies are trying to adopt the latest technology to reduce energy consumption. Due to the considerable cost of electricity, people prefer energy-efficient products. If you look at this point in the broader aspect, you will realize that you can save a lot in the future by spending a little more on an energy-efficient model.  On average, you can save $30 a year by purchasing an energy-efficient model.

Almost every company claims that their refrigerators are the greatest energy savers on the market. Should you trust their word? Not a good idea. Do a little research, check the specs, compare them with other models, and read user reviews for their experiences. It will give you a greater idea of how energy-efficient a product is.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart refrigerators are the best choice if you can spare a little extra money. Today’s technological advancements have completely changed our lifestyles. The latest appliances are helping us to save  time and focus on more important things. Smart fridges are one of these appliances.

Smart fridges come with a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, which allows you to control it from anywhere. It not only helps you to control the temperature but also provides you details about the store items in the fridge.

A few of the latest fridges have cameras installed inside, and you check the items from anywhere. It allows you to buy them while coming back from office rather than ending up looking at an empty fridge. Some of the models are advanced enough to give you reminders when an item is expiring, and you should use it while it is still good.

However, some of these features bring some issues with them as well. Recently, a hacker broke into a refrigerator and stole Gmail information of the owner. Companies are trying to improve the security of their servers, but with anything online, they can be vulnerable.

If you are confident that you will not share your personal information with your smart fridge or it doesn’t matter to you if hacked, a smart refrigerator could be the best option for you.

Climate Control Feature

One of the latest features in refrigerators is climate control. Unlike older refrigerators, you can now control the temperature of your refrigerator with a single touch. It not only helps in improving the overall efficiency but allows you to change the temperature depending on the items stored in it.

Noise Level 

The technology used in a refrigerator can be determined by its noise. Most of the advance-tech refrigerators make almost no noise. If there is noise, it will be little and you would need to focus on it to hear it. This factor becomes important if you or someone living in your house or apartment is sensitive to or distracted by noise.

When you look into buying a refrigerator, you will be able to find each product’s noise ratings. It is also not a bad idea to look online and check its reviews. This will provide you an idea of whether it is compatible with your conditions or not.

What’s the Warranty of the Appliance?

When buying a new refrigerator, one of the most important aspects is the appliance’s warranty. Apart from its features, its performance while new, you need to ensure that you don’t need to spend a lot on its maintenance or any repairs.

People make the mistake of buying a fridge that comes with a low price tag and a lot of features. They overlook the warranty and end up spending almost double to keep it running. To avoid being caught in this situation, you need to check the warranty for each appliance. A good product always comes with a warranty, and the company stands responsible for all the maintenance during the warranty period.

Furthermore, you should research online and check feedback from current or previous users. It will provide you an idea of how long the fridge may last in most of the cases. A good refrigerator should last for at least 10 to 15 years.

Appearance Factors

Several things don’t affect the performance or quality of your refrigerator but are still essential to consider when buying the appliance. Many people judge a fridge on its appearance.  This is one reason refrigerator companies are trying to provide as many varieties as possible.

Here are a few aspects that affect the appearance of your refrigerator and overall kitchen décor:

The finish of the appliance

The finish is important because it should resemble the overall décor of your kitchen. Try to find a finish that blends in with your other kitchen appliances and features. Since you are buying this product to use for at least a decade, it is not a bad idea to spend some extra time in getting a product that won’t become an eyesore in 2 years if you remodel your kitchen.

Stainless steel finish is the most popular finish these days because it blends with most kitchens. Also, it is fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. If you are looking for solid color finishes, retro-styled fridges are bright enough to enhance your kitchen appearance.

Handle design

What is the first thing you notice in a refrigerator? Handles, right? So, when you are buying a fridge for yourself, ensure that you make the right choice. There are two types of handles. The Pro handles provide you a straight industrial look, and they are easy to clean. The European-style handles are more popular because of their unique styles and an exceptional look.

Things to Avoid While Buying a Refrigerator

When it comes to buying a refrigerator, you should remember that you are getting an appliance for at least a decade. Most of the refrigerators work for 10 to 15 years. Making a mistake in the selection will haunt you for a decade unless you can afford to buy another one.

Ignoring the Measurements

People purchase a new refrigerator for several reasons — when they move to a new house or when they want to upgrade, or have a fridge that has died on them — no matter what your reason, the importance of measurements remains the same.

It is not uncommon to forget taking the measurements before choosing your next refrigerator. Many people ignore this factor and later end up putting their refrigerator at an unlikely spot because it doesn’t fit where it should go. If you are someone who wants perfection, make sure you take the measurements of the space where you want the refrigerator to go, and buy a product according to it.

Ignoring the Value of Style

An outdated style will make you answer a lot of questions if you ignore this factor. It will not only affect your refrigerator but might ruin the look of your kitchen completely.  Take a close look at your kitchen, note down the factors, and then go out to shop your refrigerator. It will help you in decision-making as well.

Ignoring the Storage Capacity

Storage capacity is an important thing, but it gets ignored, especially when you’re not upgrading your refrigerator. People opt to buy the best looking refrigerator by a top-quality brand. This might end up being a problem in the long term if you have a large family.

To make this decision, you need to note the number of people who will be using the appliance. Also, what are your eating habits? Do you like to store a lot of items and have them whenever you want? Are you someone who always goes shopping rather than looking at what’s available in the refrigerator? Identifying your eating habits will help you in making a decision.


Many people have a lot of questions related to French door refrigerators, especially when they are buying one for their own use. These questions are fundamental because they play a vital role in choosing the brand and model of your refrigerator.

Also, it helps you to understand how to use a fridge perfectly. Let’s take a look below, and we have answered the most frequently asked questions related to refrigerators.

What is the ideal temperature of a refrigerator?

The purpose of a refrigerator is to increase the lifespan of food items, including dairy, veggies, fruits, meat, etc. A fridge must be cold to keep the food healthy but not too cold to freeze it. The perfect temperature is 3° Centigrade. Typically, a refrigerator operates between 0° to 7° Centigrade.

What’s the reason behind frost formation in a refrigerator?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what the point of frost formation is and how to avoid it. First of all, this is a common issue, and there is nothing to be worried about it. It happens when water vapors touches the cold coils.

During winter, you’ve probably noticed a layer of frost on your car windows. It occurs because of the steam of your breath. When it touches the cold window, it turns to water. Similarly, when the vapor hits the cold coil, it freezes and forms a layer of frost.

What is a no frost freezer or refrigerator?

A no frost refrigerator or freezer ensures no frost forms in the fridge. There are a few variants of the no frost freezer or refrigerator. Some promote defrosting through the addition of a heating coil in the refrigerator. The heating coil turns on and melts the ice off at varying intervals. In the other variant, frosting is discouraged through blowing chilled air around the refrigerator to decrease the humidity.

The benefit of a total no frost refrigerator is that ice buildup doesn’t consume space, food doesn’t stick together, and your food stays in its optimum condition.

Is it necessary to leave open space around the refrigerator?

Yes, it is recommended in most cases. When you read the refrigerator’s manual, you will always find an instruction to leave some space open around your machine.

The reason behind this is to give heat given off by the compressor a path to be dissipated quickly. Also, it reduces energy consumption, saving you money at the end of each month. If there is no particular instruction regarding how much open space is required, you should leave at least 12 centimeters behind the refrigerator and 6 centimeters on the top.

How to get rid of unpleasant odors

The only possible solution to this problem is frequent cleaning. Get a mild cleaning detergent and clean your refrigerator to avoid unpleasant odors. Get rid of spoiled foods, or food that looks questionable. Check your milk cartons for expiration dates and get rid of any food that is beyond its use-by date.

How to clean a refrigerator? How often should you clean it?

Every refrigerator should be cleaned thoroughly once a month to avoid odors and clear the ice if you don’t have a no frost refrigerator.

  • Unplug the appliance and leave it for a couple of hours.
  • Remove all the removable parts, wash them, and allow them to dry.
  • Use detergent and a soft cloth to clean the inside of your refrigerator.
  • If you smell any odor, you can use warm water and baking soda to get rid of it.
  • In the end, you need to apply wax with a soft cloth and make sure you don’t wax plastic parts.

Why there is a noise at the back of the refrigerator?

The refrigerator maintains its temperature with the help of a motor and fan, and a cooling coil that is inside the appliance. It also has a compressor, which is outside the fridge at its bottom. When the refrigerator is operating, you might notice a humming noise, which is quite reasonable.

If you hear any other noise besides this humming noise, you need to call a technician and ask them to check your appliance. There might be some issue that needs to be addressed.


There are more French door refrigerators aside from the ones listed here that all provide a top quality brand of French door refrigerator without a water dispenser for varied prices. Ensure that you look into them as well if you want to find out more deals, but hopefully you’ll get everything you need to know from here before you do.