French Door Fridge: The Pros and Cons You Should Know

One of the most important components in a kitchen is the refrigerator. It’s the magical appliances that store all your food, ingredients, and drinks to ensure that they stay fresh, cool, and delicious. But like any appliance, it could deteriorate as it ages. When this happens, it’s time for you to buy a new fridge.

Fortunately, refrigerators have gone through massive changes in the past decade. From being more utilitarian to now functioning with impeccable design and aesthetics, the newer models make it difficult for consumers to find a perfect fridge for their space.

With that in mind, you want to buy an energy-efficient refrigerator that provides fantastic and convenient storage space. And one type of fridge that takes the cake when it comes to function and design is the French door fridge model.

French door refrigerators were first introduced in the 1990s and have grown in popularity since then. But the real question is — are they really the best option for a refrigerator?

Thankfully, Pixel Fridge is here to help you with all your fridge-related concerns. From figuring out mini-fridge electricity usage to knowing the different types of refrigerators — we got you covered.

Today, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of having a French Door Fridge. Let’s take a look!

Why We Love French Door Fridges

  • Having a logical layout is one of the reasons we love French door refrigerators. The newer models have a more logical layout and door bins that allow you to hold heavy and bigger items, such as gallons of milk, juice, and water. Besides that, its layout ensures that you don’t lose any food in the back of the fridge, which reduces your waste.
  • Having less clearance needed for refrigerator doors is another reason French door models are supreme. Unlike traditional double doors that require a wider range of motion, French doors are designed to fit in tighter spaces like a galley kitchen.
  • Less bending over is a great reason to have a French door refrigerator, especially if you have back problems or live with elders. Fortunately, the French door refrigerator has a freezer at the bottom, keeping all your frequently used items and ingredients in the right level you need to avoid bending over.
  • Its elegant design is one of the reasons you should have a French door fridge in your kitchen. If you’re all about keeping your kitchen looking good, your French door fridge can provide a slick, high-end look to your kitchen space.

What We Don’t Like About French Door Refrigerators

  • Some French door fridges may be too large for your kitchen’s layout. Thankfully, with the right model and kitchen layout, you’ll fit a French door fridge that will suit your space.
  • The freezer drawer is located at the bottom of a French door fridge, which could be a problem for some people. Besides that, you’ll need to do a bit more organizing because it’s designed as a deep bin for items. However, storage boxes and containers can quickly fix this issue.
  • The price of French door refrigerators is quite hefty, but if you like the convenience and style that it provides, it’s definitely worth the investment. Of course, if you compare how much a small fridge is to a French door, the difference will be huge, but it ultimately depends on your space and lifestyle.

The Bottom Line: So Should I Buy a French Door Fridge?

If you want to know if you should buy a French door fridge, consider your budget, space, and lifestyle. French door refrigerators were designed with convenience in mind and impressive space to store all your needs without any worries. So if you’re tired of unorganized and cramped fridge space, French door models are your best bet!

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