Energy Efficiency and Your Refrigerator: How Can It Improve?

 Make your refrigerator work harder, not smarter, and you’ll save money and help the environment. Follow these recommendations and tips, and you’ll have a top-performing refrigerator that keeps food cold and costs less to use.

Make Your Refrigerator Energy Efficient By Keeping the Door Shut

Accidents and distractions will happen. Plain and simple, it’s not good to keep a refrigerator door open. It basically causes all of the cold air to quickly dissipate. To try to keep things cool, the refrigerator has to work harder, making it wear down more quickly. Try to keep door opening times to a minimum while you are trying to achieve the ideal temperature.

Make Your Refrigerator Energy Efficient By Making Sure It’s Well-Stocked

To some extent. A fuller fridge has less air to move around in order to stay cool, so it’s not as much work as an empty one. When you fill a refrigerator, items help keep each other cold due to the reduced volume. In your refrigerator, you should aim to keep the space at least two-thirds full. If your fridge is too large to keep from being overfilled, add jugs of water in the refrigerator bins to make sure it stays cold enough. 

That said, don’t overcrowd the fridge with items; good air circulation is important for efficient refrigerator operation. Also, be aware of airflow in and out of vents.

Make Your Refrigerator Energy Efficient By Putting It In the Best Place

What is the best place for a refrigerator, you may ask? A cool one with some breathing room, that’s what. When you’re shopping around for a brand new fridge, think about how you will use it. It’s important to be realistic here. Frost-free, freezer-top and freezer-bottom fridges generally use less energy than multi-door models. This is especially true if you fill your fridge only occasionally.  

Make Your Refrigerator Energy Efficient By Selecting the Right Model

Upgrade your old refrigerator or fridge! A well-maintained, highly-efficient model will cost much less to run. Even if you think your current unit is “just” five years old, there’s likely already a more efficient model already. The kind that can cut your current consumption down by half, even. 

It’s important to pay attention not just to the physical features of a refrigerator when buying one, but the tech aspects as well. As previously mentioned, freezer top, freezer bottom and frost-free models are the best options to choose from. They are more energy efficient than the ones which are multi-door. 

Make Your Refrigerator Energy Efficient By Staying Organized

Good fridge organization is just a point of good housekeeping—how could good fridge organization help the efficiency of your appliance? Well, the less time you need to spend looking for food with the door open, the less electricity your refrigerator consumes as it works to get back to the set temperature. Also, if you organize your fridge properly, food lasts longer too. 


Refrigerators are incredibly helpful for keeping food and drinks cold, fresh and-where necessary-frozen. It’s possible for them to be more energy efficient which will help utility bills to go down. Ways to go about it include selecting the right model, staying organized and making sure it’s well-stocked.

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