Interior Upgrades: Reviewing 3 French-Door Refrigerators

Innovation in the kitchen is the best way to increase the sustainability of your home. By buying products that can incorporate energy efficiency and ease of access, you can cut down on your utility bills and improve your daily tasks. Besides giving your kitchen a more organized feel, it also allows you to discover the many ways you can upgrade your lifestyle options.

Refrigerator models have gone through numerous transformations, from being bulky and expensive pieces in your home to stylish and sleek additions to your interior design. Besides the functional purpose they serve, they also provide your home with a novel look that matches your other furnishing choices. One of the many modern trends to homeowners in the US is the increasing popular French-door refrigerators.

When classic design meets modern function

Like its furnishing counterpart, French-door refrigerators allow you to utilize more space while giving you more options with two swinging doors. It’s an advantage that will enable you to segregate your fridge’s contents and save energy simultaneously without opening the entire fridge. Besides this energy-saving design, different models in the market boast unique features that can modernize your kitchen.

In this article, we’ll share three of the latest entries of modern French-door refrigerators you should consider buying.

1. Samsung 810L French door refrigerator

The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator has two freezer compartments that open in a French-door orientation. Inside it are two drawers and one shelf where you can separate your groceries accordingly. If you need extra fridge storage, you can switch the right-hand compartment’s temperature to match fridge settings. It also contains a convenient water dispenser with an auto-fill function.

Besides its storage capacity, the Samsung 810L does more than just storing your food and keeping it safe from humidity. It also contains a display screen on the door that can play music, stream TV, and order groceries through a Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, it has three cameras inside the fridge to show you

2. Whirlpool 570L frost-free multi-door refrigerator

Whirlpool is well known as a brand that recognizes innovation as one of its leading selling points. Its recent release of the 570L frost-free multi-door model optimizes moisture retention than standard frost-free refrigerators. This ensures that your fridge’s contents can enjoy better freshness and longevity while in storage.

The 570L’s unique design has a fridge section on the upper side with its freezer section at the bottom separated by two drawers. It also comes with a built0in IntelliSence DC inverter compressor that allows uniform cooling inside the fridge that automatically adjusts its speed according to energy efficiency and workload needs.

3. Hitachi French Bottom Freezer

Hitachi’s latest bottom-mount French-door freezer comes with several features that make it a functional and aesthetic addition to your kitchen. The fridge’s sleek and modern look makes it a valuable centerpiece for your kitchen. With its recessed handless and minimalist exterior, its noticeable four-door options boast a classy look with a volume capacity of 650 liters. The four toughened glass shelves are durable enough to hold bulky containers, pots, and pans. With its double-layered door pockets, you can store different sized bottles in an organized manner.


A French-door refrigerator is among the many must-have modern attachments that you should install in your home. With manufacturers continuously one-upping each other with their product releases, there’s a model out there that will fit your needs for modernity and stylish design.

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