What to Do to Keep Your Mini Fridge Cold: Our Guide

Ah, the mini fridge –– convenient, space-saving, and ideal for small spaces. A small fridge could easily be your go-to appliance for small bedrooms, studio units, office spaces, and dorm rooms. It’s a practical option if you don’t need much food storage and if you’re looking to spend a little less on electricity bills. Although, don’t let its compact size fool you! The maintenance and safety guidelines for a mini fridge are just as crucial to follow, especially if you want to avoid moldy, defrosted food. 

Here’s what to do to keep your mini fridge cold:

Step 1: Cool Down

Keep in mind that the mini fridge could be sensitive, too. Its running temperature could be affected by its environmental temperature, meaning it must not be used in areas below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This also means you must keep the mini fridge out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.

Step 2: Don’t Use Shortcuts

When using your small fridge, avoid using an extension cord. To guarantee that the mini fridge receives the right quantity of electrical current, plug the power cord into a dedicated, grounded electrical outlet.

Step 3: Be Patient

After turning on the tiny fridge, you should switch the thermostat to the coldest setting, and wait at least three hours for it to cool down. Again, be patient! At this stage, don’t put anything in the refrigerator until it’s completely cool.

Step 4: Shut the Door

You may have heard your parents reprimand you to always shut the refrigerator door. This time, the rule applies to the mini fridge as well. As much as possible, try to keep the door closed at all times. This way, you avoid the constant fluctuations of internal temperature.

Step 5: Test It Out

The only way to check if your fridge is properly working is to constantly check it out. After putting warm food or beverages inside the small fridge, give it time to cool down. Give it a few hours before checking again if the fridge has cooled. If not, try turning the temperature down to a lower level for a few hours until it is appropriately chilly.

Tips to Ensure That Your Mini Fridge Functions Well

  • Always keep your mini-fridge upright, even in transit. This keeps the oil from seeping out of the cooling pipes of the compressor, and retains the refrigerator’s ability to cool. If you’ve already turned your tiny fridge sideways, simply turn it upside down and wait 24 hours before plugging it in. While in use, it could also take a few days for it to reach optimum cooling power.
  • Never use a mini-fridge on a carpeted floor! Because the compressor and condenser are built into the bottom of the refrigerator, placing it on carpet may result in overheating and carpet singeing.
  • Place your refrigerator on a leveled surface. This ensures that the contents of your fridge won’t fall out. If necessary, most micro fridges include adjustable legs that allow you to level your fridge.
  • Allow three inches between the refrigerator and any walls to allow heat to dissipate properly.
  • When you’ve discovered the ideal location for your little fridge, plug it in and wait for it to cool before filling it. Most mini-fridges can be connected to any standard electrical outlet. If your refrigerator includes a temperature dial, check the manual for the recommended setting. After a few hours of cooling, begin filling it!


The best thing about mini fridges is that less work is actually needed to maintain them. They cost less as a one-time purchase, and they cost even less in electricity bills. But then again, you must be a responsible owner in storing your food and making sure your home appliances’ functions are optimized. In being knowledgeable of these tips, you’ll be sure to have a long-lasting mini fridge!

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