Mistakes to Avoid When Buying A Refrigerator – What to Know

A refrigerator is an investment. As an appliance that keeps the food and beverages, you have at home cold and chilled. When you put food items inside, those goods will be unspoiled for a long time. Because of this, it’s important that you be careful with buying a fridge. If you happen to make the wrong decision, you might have to live with for years, or maybe even decades. It’s not like you can easily return it to the store you bought it from after you complete the purchase. It also tends to be expensive and can cost around $1000 compared to a mini-fridge. 

But then again, when you plan ahead, you can take home a refrigerator that will serve your needs for years to come. With that being said, take note of these common mistakes that people tend to make when buying a fridge:

Choosing the wrong size

Before you even decide on the style you like, you must first measure the amount of space your kitchen has for the refrigerator. You can easily do it by whipping out a measuring tape and getting accurate measurements. You should find out how much space you have to fit the fridge between other appliances or against the wall—the width. It would also help if you figured out the height of your space, especially if you have low ceilings or want to stack other appliances like a microwave on top of the fridge. 

Sticking to a single brand

There are many fridges in the sea. Buying a refrigerator based on the brand name alone means you’re losing out on lower-end models or other brands that can save you money. Sometimes, high-end brands do not necessarily equate to high-quality. There are hundreds—or even thousands—of refrigerator options out there that may have the same features of the brand-name fridge you claim to love. The only difference is that they come from lower-end or up-and-coming brands. To save money, it would help if you do away with buying from a specific brand and looking into other options. 

Failing to draft a budget

Another common mistake people do when it comes to buying fridges is failing to set up a budget. Simply checking for the cheapest refrigerator available would not cut it. When shopping, you should have a list of your desired features along with a reasonable budget. Having these things handy will help you have the most suitable options that accommodate your wants and needs. You’ll also get the best product in terms of price and functionality. 

Not taking into account the energy costs

People tend to forget that refrigerators hog a lot of energy. If you buy an inexpensive fridge but end up incurring a hefty energy bill because of it, you’ll lose out on so much money in the long run. Make sure that the refrigerator you end up buying is labeled energy efficient. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about your monthly electricity bills. 

For more information about refrigerators, whether it’s about the best models or proper maintenance, check out our resource collection.

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rachel frampton -

I just recently moved out of my mom’s place and currently renting an apartment, and so far I still lack some appliances such as the refrigerator. I’m glad you shared this; I’ll make sure to choose an energy-efficient refrigerator. I’ll also keep in mind to measure the amount of space in my kitchen, so I will be able to know the right size of the refrigerator that I must buy.


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