Organize Your Fridge for the Holidays With These 5 Hacks

The holidays are almost synonymous with an abundance of delicious food, which means you will deal with loads of leftover meals. Your fridge will soon become filled with a taste of just about everything from this year’s parties with your friends and family. To keep your fridge as clean and as organized as possible throughout the season and minimize food waste, follow these simple hacks:

1. Sterilize your fridge

Whether you have a mini fridge on a carpet or a fridge freezer without a water dispenser, you need to take time to clean out your fridge, especially before doing any major rearranging. It’s best to keep it spotlessly clean now before using it heavily for the next several months. 

Start cleaning your fridge inside and out by wiping out every drawer and down the sides and the door. If you have a stainless steel fridge, be extra careful and avoid using harsh cleaning products. Wipe off the top spot to get rid of accumulated dust and prevent the dirt from getting into your food when the fridge is opened. 

Put an opened box of baking soda in the back to keep nasty smells at bay. Don’t forget to put a date on the box or set a reminder so you know when to replace it. Check also any water lines that run to the fridge. If anything goes wrong with them, contact your local plumbers right away.

2. Implement a labeling system

Your refrigerator lets you keep your food fresh for as long as possible, but it can be unsafe to consume if you store it improperly. Follow specific storage instructions and implement an effective labeling system before the leftovers begin to pile up. Label every container clearly with its name and best before date to keep all the contents of your refrigerator organized. 

3. Create partitions

If your fridge is stuffed with lots of holiday goodies, it’s difficult to know where each item is. Organize it by transferring snacks, holiday treats, condiments, and leftovers to airtight containers, plastic wraps or bags, or foil. Never leave your dishes openly in your fridge to avoid refrigerator odors, mold growth, dried-out foods, and loss of nutrients.

4. Avoid stocking your fridge with perishable items

Incorporating fruits, vegetables, and other perishables into your diet keeps you healthy, but keeping them in your fridge for a long time can invite bugs or create smells the moment they go bad. Prevent this issue by keeping fewer perishable items in your fridge during the holidays and consider freeing up more room for foods that last longer.

5. Organize your food from oldest to newest

When placing your holiday leftovers in your refrigerator, order items from oldest to lowest by going either from front to back or left to right. Ensure that all the newest leftovers are on one side while the oldest ones are on the other. This way, you know which foods should be consumed immediately, and you can avoid old food from getting shoved to the back.


Your fridge plays a significant role in keeping your food fresh, especially during the holiday season when there are many flavorful meals and drinks almost everywhere you go. Make sure that it is neat, tidy, organized, and that it runs at its peak performance when you need it most by following the organization hacks in this guide.

If you want to learn more tips about preparing your fridge for the holidays or if you need to know how much does it cost to run a mini fridge, check our other articles. We are a reliable refrigerator resource that offers the best refrigerator reviews and advice.

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