Our Comprehensive Guide on New Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerators

Bosch introduces its new series of refrigerators this 2020. It’s truly an exciting time for the leading manufacturer of appliances to venture with their brand after years of outsourcing refrigerators finally.

As Bosch presents their newest revolutionary Counter Depth French Door Refrigerators, they bring in a whole new set of features that are setting the bar for freshness and preservation technology. Their highlights on the essentials of keeping your food fresh for longer and flexibility in storage are just some of the exciting news that people are most excited about. On top of all these, you can experience smart technology that lets you do more than control your refrigerator remotely. 

At the height of its grand exhibit, we look into some of the details that make their new series worth every anticipation:

Benefit #1: Food stays fresh for longer

Food always stays fresh and tasty by keeping the perfect humidity and cooling environment inside your refrigerators. Bosch highlights the proper equation in keeping your stock fresh by preserving moisture, circulating clean airflow, and keeping the adequate coolness inside every compartment through their customized food preservation settings. 

This way, you can guarantee that your food keeps its moisture, texture, and nutrients even longer.

Benefit #2: Flexible storage for more supply

Through their adjustable compartments, you can configure how you want to use your refrigerators to efficiently plan and organize your stock. It allows you to adjust humidity and temperature levels in specific sections to make the most of your storage. There’s always room for more food to enjoy with your families at home.

Benefit #3: Modern, sleek design

Bosch refrigerators showcase premium design from its fit, form, and finish. Featuring a sleek design that’s made to impress and showcase aesthetics brings a sense of elegance and modernity to your home. See among the latest variants and see how it elevates your kitchen and your home.

The Bottom Line: Is It Worth Investing In a New Bosch Counter Depth Refrigerator?

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