The Best Places You Can Store Your Beverage Refrigerator

Before asking, “How much is a small fridge?” then buying one for your home, you’ve got to figure out where you want to place it. And no, don’t put a mini-fridge on carpets since it’s going to leak. The more appropriate areas for them in your home are the following:


The first place you should keep a small fridge in is your bar! It’s the perfect storage space for all of your bar tools and accessories without cluttering up your kitchen. Stock up on all of your favorite mixes and sodas, or create custom drinks to help you impress all of your guests, young and old.


Okay, this is one of the more out-of-the-box ideas because it doesn’t just have to do with drinks. Looking for a beauty and skincare storage solution? A mini-fridge is one of the trendiest additions for beauty lovers everywhere. 

Beauty products are said to perform better when stored in the refrigerator; not only do you get more use out of them, but they last longer as well. It also protects your products from heat and steam, affecting their effectiveness.

Plus, you don’t need a mini-fridge mat for carpet protection since your bathroom is tiled! 


One of the more practical home areas for a small ref  is your bedroom. You can quickly get an ice-cold beverage while lying comfortably in bed. Imagine the convenience of having a beverage fridge sitting on your nightstand in your sleeping quarters. 

Man Cave

Call it whatever you like — man cave or playroom — it doesn’t matter; it still needs a nourishment area to keep people energized for entertainment. A playroom is an ideal place to let kids be as goofy and creative as they want to be without having to worry about making a mess. 

Also, the mini-fridge in the playroom should keep snacks and drinks on hand that kids and friends can grab and eat at their leisure. Remember to have a mini-fridge mat for carpet protection.


If your missus, kids, or relatives don’t like the idea of a mini-fridge inside the house, then take it outside! It’s an appliance that provides the mobility a full-sized fridge doesn’t, letting you stash any number of small devices in a wide range of locations for easy access. 

A mini-fridge can also go anywhere there’s an available power outlet. This means you can use a mini-fridge to create an outdoor kitchen, by your pool, or as a bar at any event. You can even use a mini-fridge to ensure your hard work is never without refreshment or reward in the garage or outdoor workshop.


If you work at a desk for a living, a mini-fridge can be an excellent addition to your workspace. The hours spent in an office can be stressful: working in a shared environment or from home. The mind needs to stay focused while the body remains energized and awake. A mini-fridge at your desk will help keep you fed and hydrated throughout the day without the need to leave the office for food or drinks.

Plus, you can store homemade lunches, snacks, or beverages, so you don’t have to worry about food spoilage. Just be sure you get a mini-fridge mat for carpet protection.


Small refrigerators are one of the most convenient home appliances. Their functions are numerous and their automation is marvelous, as it allows you to have a cold drink at all times. Most importantly, you can keep your beer nice and cold when you take it on the go.

But don’t just get any kind of mini fridge because it’s available or the most affordable. Aside from asking, “How much is a small fridge?” do your research by browsing through Pixel Fridge today! We’re a blog where you will find tips, reviews, analysis, personal opinions, and recommendations of high-quality refrigerators of many kinds. 

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