7 Possible Reasons Your Refrigerator Isn’t Cold

What’s the last thing you want to deal with when you’re at home and hungry for some leftovers? To find out that your food has spoiled because the fridge isn’t cold enough. This can happen to some people, and needless to say, it is an incredibly annoying issue that has many causes.

So, why exactly is your fridge not cooling? Here are a couple of possible reasons and how to fix them:

1. The Thermostat Is Set Too High

Your fridge has a thermostat that keeps the temperature in check. It should be set to between 36° and 38°F. If it’s set too low, the fridge will freeze the food, and if it’s set too high, your food will spoil. So, if you’re not sure if your fridge is keeping the right temperature, check the thermostat. If it’s not working, or if you don’t know how to adjust it, you’ll have to call a professional.

2. The Door Is Left Open Too Much

As one of the most frequent causes of a fridge that isn’t cooling enough, having the door open too much can cool the temperature down drastically, even if you’re not walking around in the kitchen. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep the door closed as much as possible to ensure an optimal temperature inside. You can avoid opening the door by keeping your fridge organized, which will reduce the need to get things out of it.

3. The Condenser Fan Is Broken

You use your fridge to cool things down, and one of the most important parts is the condenser fan. It’s in charge of removing hot air from the fridge thanks to the refrigerant, and it’s a crucial part. If it’s not functioning properly, you won’t have an efficient fridge that can keep the temperature at a good level. That’s why you should always ask for a professional’s help if you think that this fan is broken.

4. There’s Not Enough Air Circulating

Another crucial part of your fridge is the condenser, which is responsible for removing hot air and circulating the cold air. If you think that the condenser is broken, call a professional to fix it, but if it’s simply not strong enough, you can fix this issue by opening the fridge door a little bit more, placing the food at different levels, and occasionally rotating it.

5. The Filter Is Dirty

Your fridge might not be cooling as much as it should because the filter is dirty. It’s a small bag that is placed in your condenser, and it takes care of hot air, removing it and circulating the cold air. If you don’t clean the filter, it will become dirty, and it will make the fridge work poorly. To clean it, you need to remove it and clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

6. The Refrigerant Is Low

The refrigerant is what removes the hot air from the fridge and replaces it with the cold air. If it’s not working well, you’ll have a fridge that cools things down slowly, which can be annoying. You’ll have to call a professional to check the system and refill it with a new refrigerant in order to bring life back to your fridge.

7. You Don’t Have Enough Space

If you have too much food inside your fridge, you won’t have enough space for the cool air to circulate, which will make your fridge work inefficiently. You should always keep the fridge a little bit empty for the air to circulate, which will improve its efficiency.


There are many other possible reasons your fridge isn’t cooling. It could be that the fridge gasket is damaged or that you simply forgot to plug in the fridge. Regardless, some of these problems can be easily addressed by yourself, but if you run into a technical challenge to fix the fridge, reach out to a professional. They can identify and fix your fridge problem, ensuring your food and drinks remain cool as they should be.

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Zachary Tomlinson -

Thanks for suggesting to have your fridge repaired when it’s having episodes of inconsistent temperature. My friend wants to invest in a used refrigerator for his new apartment. I think it would be wise for him to find an appliance repair expert if this issue happens for no reason.


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