Refrigerator Door Handles: 4 Different Configurations

Did you know that today’s fridges, small or big, can come in four different door configurations? While this feature does not seem like a big deal at first, it is actually quite useful.

For instance, what happens if you want to put a mini-fridge in your room but find that a fixed object prevents the doors from opening fully? Most people will consider just placing their fridge in a different location, but a smarter solution would be to have had the foresight to purchase a door that opens the other way. 

With all that said, here is all you need to know about refrigerators and handle configurations:

1. Reversible Doors

Generally, most fridges you will find will come with only a right-handle setup. This is because the majority of the human population is right-handed. Of course, not everyone is like that, and manufacturers know this. For this reason, newer fridges come with the ability to be reversed. You can take out the fridge’s doors and set them up to be lefty-friendly!

Now, you should not just go online and look to purchase any fridge, as not all can be reconfigured like this. You will need to look at the specifications and maybe even ask the sellers or manufacturers about specific models that allow for customization. Either that or you ask the retailer themselves to switch the door for you.

Usually, this service is free and does not take long at all. If you want to do this yourself, all you need is a few tools such as a screwdriver and a wrench.

2. Double Doors

Double-door fridges are also known as French-door fridges. Generally, the handles will be located in the middle portion of the refrigerator, allowing you to open both doors at the same time. With this kind of flexibility, you do not need to do any custom work to have the handles switched up. Plus, these fridges are generally a lot larger than single-door refrigerators, meaning that you can pack in a lot more things.

3. Side-by-Side Fridges

While these are similar to French-door fridges, side-by-side fridges are like two fridges next to each other. Typically, one side will be the freezer, and the other the standard refrigerator. Their handles are located in the middle portion of the machine as well. They function much like double-door machines and typically have similarly large capacities.

4. Dual-swing Fridges

These are fridges that can be opened both ways. Some have handles on either side, while some models feature a central handle or some other type of opening mechanism. While these are relatively uncommon, the technology is actually not that new.

These machines give you the ultimate flexibility in terms of refrigerator placement. They’re especially useful in households where some members might be right-handed, while others are left-handed.


As you can see, there are a variety of fridges you can pick from to suit any of your needs. If you are only looking for mini-fridges, many come with the option to be reversed, allowing for customizability, just like the bigger fridges offer.

Of course, you are sacrificing a little when opting for a mini-fridge, namely the freezer aspect. However, some still offer this feature, but the most important thing here is that you should be doing your research when picking a big or small fridge.

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