Choosing the Right Type of Container When Freezing Food Items

More often than not, we have to put our food in the freezer in order to maintain their quality. Food items that are not placed in the freezer may get spoiled over time, making it a huge waste of our resources and daily meal plans. In such a case, knowing when and how to store them would be beneficial to our overall budget plan.

However, you should also keep in mind that there are proper ways of storing them. Don’t just throw them in the freezer; put them in an appropriate container so that they would not undergo any unusual changes while being frozen. 

The following are just a few of the suggested container tops that may help retain their freshness and quality over time.

Regular Glass Jars Should Be Avoided

Regular glass jars are not made for freezing temperatures; that is why they would often break or shatter once they reach their freezing point. Avoid using them at all costs! 

Yes, they may be used for other food items stored in your refrigerator, but once you’d need to freeze something, cross them out of your available options. If you’re determined to use glass jars for your food items, you may opt for dual-purpose jars instead. Unlike your regular jars, they would not break within freezing temperatures, and they would not get your food stuck in them since they have a wide opening at the top.

Rigid Containers Are Your Friends

Rigid containers come in many forms. Your plastic ice cream tub, your bendable foil container shaped like a rectangular cake pan, or your shake tub—you name it! 

These types of containers would not break at freezing temperatures, and they are flexible enough to contain all of your food items and ingredients. There’s a reason why people would sometimes recycle their ice cream tub, and that is because they wouldn’t want to spend extra cash just to buy new rigid containers from the supermarket!

Flexible Freeze Bags Are Your Go-to Containers

Flexible freeze bags are the common choice when it comes to freezing food items, and that is all for a very good reason. You can buy them off the supermarket shelves, you may dispose of them right after use, and you may segregate your food items and ingredients by putting them in separate freeze bags. 

Of course, having a freezer full of freeze bags may raise eyebrows at home, especially if you have guests over the weekend, but at least all of your food items are fresh and preserved. Take note that some freeze bags have their own zip locks, and they are better at keeping away outside air from the container itself.


There are a lot of container types to choose from whenever you’re planning to store your food items in the freezer. Choose the best air-tight solution that would maintain the freshness of your food for a very long time. Don’t choose anything too big or too small—just the right size that would maintain the shape and appealing look of your desserts and frozen pastries. Remember, the main purpose of placing them in the freezer is to keep them fresh and edible, so try to acquire the best container for the job.

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