Organizing a Shared Refrigerator with Roommates

A growing number of college students are forced to split the cost of a refrigerator and food with roommates, whether it be a giant dorm fridge or a small household refrigerator. Some students are fine with sharing, while others are not.

50 percent of college students say they don’t want to share their fridges with their roommates. The other 50 percent say they don’t mind, but even they have their limitations. No one wants to constantly wade through their roommate’s food and drinks to find their own food and drinks. Even if you don’t mind sharing, there are better ways to organize the refrigerator.

If you (or your roommates) are struggling to manage a shared refrigerator, the best way to handle the frustration is to get organized! Here are some easy tips for making the most of a crowded fridge.

Organizing a Shared Fridge: Tips to Consider

Tip #1: Use Food Storage Containers

The obvious way to prevent food cross-contamination is to keep foods separate. You can do this by using food storage containers to separate the food and drinks of each roommate. This makes it easier to access specific food and beverages without worrying about cross-contamination.

Whether you use plastic containers, glass containers, or glass bottles, these tools are great for keeping everything organized and easy to find.

Tip #2: Label Your Food and Drinks 

Most college students have at least enough room in their fridges to organize the food by type. Don’t waste that space by bunching everything up in the back of the fridge! Instead, label your food and drinks with stickers and place them in separate spots in the refrigerator. Label items like salad dressings, salad fixings, drinks, snacks, sandwich ingredients, and other essentials.

Tip #3: Dedicate Specific Spots in the Fridge for Each Person Using the Fridge

Fridge space can be extremely limited. If you lack the room to organize your fridge in a separate spot for each person, you can divide the fridge into sections for each person. Food, drinks, and other essentials can be labeled and then placed in a section of the fridge.

For instance, if you have three people in the household, you can create three sections in the fridge labeled A, B, and C. Then, each person places their items in the appropriate section in the refrigerator. This cuts down on the likelihood that you’ll come across your roommate’s food — and vice versa!

The Bottom Line: Making the Most of a Shared Refrigerator with Roommates

For college students who are used to sharing everything with roommates, it can be hard to know where to draw the line. Whether you’re using a dorm refrigerator or a small household refrigerator, it’s important to have a clear idea of your boundaries.

Remember, do a bit of advance planning when it comes to managing your shared refrigerator with roommates. Consider all these tips and create a plan of action to manage your shared refrigerator. It will save your time and your sanity!

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