Telltale Signs That Your Refrigerator Is Almost Giving Up

Buying and getting a home appliance brings convenience and many other questions to homeowners, but not all of them are technical experts. How often should a refrigerator cycle on and off? How much does it cost to run a mini-fridge? These are valid questions, but not everyone knows the answers. 

Luckily, they do not have to be experts to keep things at home in order. Professional technicians exist to help homeowners care for their appliances and equipment. 

Still, it pays to know the warning signs telling you it is time to get a quick repair or replacement. This article will tell you obvious signs that your refrigerator is dying or in need of repair.

Significant Signs That Your Refrigerator Is About to Break (Or Is Breaking)

1. You Have an Old Fridge

An average fridge can last for about 10 to 20 years. If your existing refrigerator is already more than 15 years old, consider replacing it. The longer you have your refrigerator, the more problems you might encounter with it. Therefore, the higher the potential repair cost. 

Once your old refrigerator experiences multiple faulty parts, the repair cost would amount to almost half the price of getting a new one. The electricity you would consume would also increase since your unit is working harder due to damage. 

If you purchase newer versions of refrigerators, they have better energy-saving benefits your wallet would enjoy.

2. Your Freezer Needs Frequent Defrosting

Unlike old refrigerators that always get ice buildup, modern refrigerators now have a defrosting feature. 

Regardless of which kind of fridge you have at home if you notice that ice buildup immediately shows, even if you just defrosted your freezer not too long ago, you might want to have it checked. It could be a sign that your freezer or whole refrigerator unit is already giving up.

3. You Notice Excessive Condensation

If you see any water droplets at the bottom of your fridge or notice that your refrigerator seems like it is sweating, that is condensation you are witnessing. This problem is usually due to improper cooling happening inside your refrigerator. 

If the fridge’s doors are not correctly sealed or are opened too frequently, the warm air can come inside and get in contact with the freezer’s cold air. Another sign you should look out for is mold buildup, especially on its door seal. 

4. The Motor Feels Warm All the Time

The fridge pumps out the hot air to ensure its inside remains cool. That is why you can feel a little warmth at the back of the refrigerator. However, when this warmth is replaced by excessive heat, you need to call your trusted technician as early as possible. 

It could be a problem with the unit’s motor coils. If that is the case, they might recommend you get a new fridge instead of replacing them. 

5. The Food Inside Goes Bad Quickly

Refrigerators are supposed to help you prolong the life of your food. When you notice that your food starts to spoil faster than usual, your unit might not be cooling properly. 

Not only does your food get wasted, but you also waste your energy and money. You also put your health at risk by eating spoiled food or letting the bacteria grow inside your refrigerator. 


Refrigerators are essential in every household. They keep the food fresh for a long time. Make sure that yours is not experiencing any of these signs of unit failure. If you witness any of the five signs, make sure you reach out to a professional technician to address the problem promptly. 

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