The ABCs of a Typical Samsung Fridge – What to Know

One of the most important appliances to have in a home, your refrigerator can dictate the quality of your meals, how well you can keep your consumables fresh, and whether or not you’ll have to commit to extra upkeep in the kitchen. If you’re shopping around for a new device and have been eyeing an attractive Samsung piece for some time, we’ll take you through the (literal) ABCs of this brand’s best features. 

A Is For

  • Air. Keeping your fridge clean and hygienic isn’t just about scrubbing. Samsung’s Active Fresh Keeper allows air to be passed through an activated carbon filter, which helps to constantly deodorize your appliance. 
  • Anti-Bacteria Protector. The anti-bacterial mesh works to eliminate bacteria and recirculate the air back into the fridge. 
  • All-Around Cooling System. By blowing cold air out of multiple outlets from every shelf, Samsung fridges can maintain a constant temperature from top to bottom. This keeps food fresh for longer as it cools every corner. 

B Is For

  • Base Stand Drawer. Ingredients such as onions and potatoes don’t necessarily need cooling, but Samsung Base Stand Drawers are a great way to store extra items without taking up too much kitchen space. Above the base of the fridge, this compartment easily slides in and out, which will also reduce the effort of having to open up several other drawers to whip up a meal.
  • Big Bottle Guard. Deeper than shelves found in conventional fridges, the big bottle guard allows you to store larger containers of milk, juice, or soda in the door. It’s also great for chilling taller bottles and you can say goodbye to storing your bottles horizontally! Do you still need a bit more space? There are also two extra rows for smaller beverage cans and bottles. 

C Is For

  • Convertible Freezer. If you didn’t think you could access another refrigerator mode other than normal, think again! The Smart Convertible 5-in-1 Refrigerator can swap out from normal mode into extra fridge mode, which allows for more storage when you’ve done a little extra grocery shopping. Vacation mode allows you to exclusively access the freezer, shutting off the rest of the fridge when you’re away on holidays. The seasonal mode does the opposite, switching off the freezer and instead only running the fridge. Finally, the home alone mode allows you to convert the freezer section of your appliance into a fridge. If you’ve been constantly Googling “how much does a fridge cost to run?” you can rest assured that Samsung’s solutions are as energy-efficient as they can be. 
  • Coolwave. Ever experience the hell that is rescuing freezer-only food items during a power outage? With Samsung fridges, you can keep food chilled and frozen for up to 9 hours at a temperature of below 0C while you wait for the electricity to get back up and running. There’s no guarantee a power cut will last below that amount of time—but at least you can come up with a more viable solution!


If you weren’t a big believer in Samsung fridges, you probably are now! Chock-full of attractive and useful features, we can surely vouch for its appliances. 

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