Buying The Modern Fridge: 3 Smart Features to Watch Out For

As the world further progresses into the digital age, various industries are compelled to adhere to change and transformation. While the business landscape continues to embrace the cloud and remote work, home life is just as busy with innovation. Modern appliances today have certainly gotten interested, particularly when it comes to the most important kitchen contraption—the refrigerator.

Its history dates back to the 19th century, starting as a humble icebox made to store meat and other select necessities. Today, refrigerators are known for their capability to run 24/7, ensuring that even vegetables are kept fresh for later use. Current trends have allowed for even smarter features to emerge, from glass door designs to WiFi capabilities. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen essential soon, we’ve gathered three of the most compelling features you need to watch out for this year:

Feature #1: The Glass Door 

Transparent food storage has slowly crept its way into the interior trend, and it now begins its course towards the mainstream market. From acrylic chairs, glass jars, and now glass door fridges, experts are certain the trend won’t be going anywhere. The idea of using a glass door fridge is rather simple—you get to see the contents without the need to open in. 

Simply put, it allows you to gawk at the fridge without wasting energy and temperature levels. This is especially helpful for people with habits of merely opening the fridge, holding the door wide open to peruse the items inside. With a glass door, you’ll only have to stand and look.

Feature #2: WiFi 

If you’re constantly away from home due to work or traveling, a smart refrigerator equipped with WiFi is a perfect choice. You’ll stay connected to the appliance anywhere, especially since it connects to your smartphone via the internet. Any concerns, such as expiring milk, doors left open, and even running out of ice will come up as notifications, thereby allowing you to act accordingly. 

You’ll also be able to track the inside of your refrigerator, where you can control the icemaker, regulate the temperature, schedule water heating for your coffee, and keep track of the airflow. You’ll also be able to create grocery lists and order them, stream music, and so much more. The best part is that you can connect everything to voice searches—such as Alexa, Siri, and even Google Assistant!

Feature #3: Alert System

If you have children or toddlers at home, smart refrigerators can also come with a child lock and door alarm, allowing you to keep track of your refrigerator. Should the door be left open, you’ll be notified immediately to address the concern. You no longer have to keep a watchful eye on your fridge, especially given the number of tasks you need to do—you also ensure your little ones are safe and sound.

Embracing Tech In The Home Life 

The technologies listed above are undeniably game-changers in the home industry, especially since you’ll now be empowered to take good care of your food needs. You’ll also have the power to regulate your entire refrigerator, ensuring that your utility costs stay low. Topped with the glass door feature, WiFi connectivity, and even an alert system, you’ll be enjoying your money’s worth.

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