Tips to Remember When Shopping for a Used Mini Refrigerator

Used mini-fridges are perfect for people who need to furnish a place on a tight budget. Though they might show some signs of wear, the average customer will not mind it as long as the fridge is working properly. Mini-fridges are compact, which makes them a good option for people living in small spaces, for people who live on their own, or for those constantly on the go who use their fridge only to temporarily stock items.

However, like with any other purchase, it is important to have criteria for your mini-refrigerator. How much a mini-fridge costs should not be your only concern when buying a secondhand unit. Keep the following tips in mind so you are sure that you are buying the best unit for your home.

1. Inspect the unit for clear damage

Most miniature refrigerators are designed to be upright. Laying them down can cause irreparable damage to the interior components of the unit. If the mini-fridge is not stored or moved upright, it may have been damaged. Before asking to see an item closer, see if it has been stored or is displayed properly.

You should also inspect the surface for dents, scratches, and other damage. Most sellers of secondhand items disclose markings on the products, but some do not. Check the unit yourself to see if there are serious dings or marks that you should be aware of. If possible, check the fridge in natural light, as this will make the imperfections easier to spot.

2. Check for odors or bugs

Fridges can hold lingering smells from food and liquids. Before purchasing a used fridge, open the door and check if there are odors. If the inside smells different, choose a different unit. Some smells are easy to remove, but others will take a considerable amount of scrubbing, something that takes up a lot of time.

Also, insects are definitely a no-go. Even if the fridge is functional, you should not take a bug-infested refrigerator home. You might be able to get rid of the bugs, but the fact remains that the fridge is likely to be covered in bacteria, and it’s likely that it’s been that way for a long period of time. No amount of household cleaning products will fully remedy that.

3. Make sure everything is functional

Take the time to plug the fridge in, or ask the seller to plug it in before you arrive so it has time to get cold. This is the best way to determine if you have a functional unit, and you should not skip this step. Most people selling secondhand items do not have a return policy, and it will save you a lot of effort if you are able to weed out faulty mini-fridges during your search.

Ask the seller questions about energy. You should be aware of how much electricity the mini-fridge uses, how often a refrigerator should cycle on and off, whether or not it was marketed as energy-efficient, and other matters related to consumption.

Adjustable legs are a feature in some mini-fridges. If this is something you are after, be sure that the legs are functioning properly. Sometimes, the adjustable portions of a unit get stuck due to disuse, and you might take home a mini-fridge that does not work as advertised.


Selecting a used mini-fridge is not a complicated matter. You just need to be aware of the common pitfalls of secondhand items and weigh the costs and benefits you will get when purchasing one fridge over another.

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