What Do I Need to Consider When Buying a New Fridge

Whether you’re moving into a new home or you need to replace your refrigerator, there are quite a few things you need to consider before buying yourself a new fridge.

Now that you’re considering purchasing a new fridge, you’re probably asking a bunch of questions like, “Which brand do I get?”, “What fridge size is more ideal?” or if you’re considering a mini fridge, you might ask, “How much energy does a mini fridge use?”

All these questions are valid and will lead you to find the perfect fridge for your home, especially when there are a plethora of refrigerator choices in the market. If you’re having trouble finding the perfect one, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll share with you things you need to consider when buying a fridge to make your search much easier. Let’s get to it!

The type of refrigerator you need

There are different types of refrigerators in the market, and here are some of the most common designs:


A side-by-side refrigerator is split right down to the middle with a freezer section found on the left and fresh or chilled foods on the right. This type of design allows more space and storage. Although it has flashy features in a compact unit, it may have limited compartments.

French doors

Compared to other fridges in the market, French door fridges have a double-door chiller feature on the top and a full-width drawer freezer on the bottom. Besides that, you may find some fancy features, such as water and drink dispensers as well as an ice machine. Because French door refrigerators are quite big, one of the biggest things you need to consider is that it can get into your house!

The size of your refrigerator

Another thing you need to consider before purchasing a new refrigerator is its size, the size of your kitchen, and its cubic capacity. 

When talking about your fridge’s size, you should know that they come in two sizes: standard and counter depth, regardless of other dimensions. Counter-depth means that the fridge’s size is as deep as your kitchen counters, making it aligned and flushed with the other features of your kitchen. 

You should also consider if your fridge can fit your kitchen and if the room has enough ventilation space around the fridge to prevent it from overheating. 

Choose a fridge that has features you’ll use 

When purchasing a fridge, make sure that you choose one with features that you’ll often use, such as ice machines, water dispensers, and more. And because of the wide selection of features, you might be tempted to get incredibly high-tech ones that you might not need, so be sure that you’re choosing one that best fits your lifestyle and budget.

You should also understand how the refrigerator functions and ask your manufacturer questions like “How often should a refrigerator cycle?” This way, you’ll be able to maintain your fridge properly and maximize its features. 

Pick one with an attractive finish

Your fridge is one of the biggest appliances that you’ll see in your kitchen, and for this reason, it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Choose fridges with a perfect finish, such as stainless steel. This type of finish is trendy because it’s durable and looks incredibly sophisticated. 


Now that you know the four things you need to consider when purchasing a new fridge, you’ll undoubtedly make the right choice. So start looking for the perfect fridge for your home, ask the right questions like “how much does a fridge cost to run?” and bring home the fridge of your dreams!

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