What To Consider When Choosing A Fridge For A Care Home

Many people find that there comes a time in their lives when moving into a care home is the best solution for them and their loved ones. Although most prefer living in their own houses, there are certain challenges that come with aging that make it impossible to live alone. If you’re starting to feel that the effects of aging are getting the best of you, you’re probably considering moving into a care home.

Fortunately, care homes are not as restrictive as you may think. You still have the freedom to personalize your room and customize it in your own way. You can decorate it, bringing your knick-knacks and appliances to make it feel like home. If you like having food and snacks within easy reach, perhaps a fridge is one of the appliances you should be investing in.

The advantages of getting a fridge in your care home room

As you get older, you will have to pay more attention to what you consume. You may no longer be able to eat the foods you once loved without inhibitions. The staff at the care home will also likely help you control what you eat and drink. However, being able to store your approved foods in your fridge will make it easier to track your intake and ensure your favorites are within reach when you get hungry.

The type of fridge you should get

Full-sized fridges are too big for an individual room, and while they do have the capacity to store a lot of things, there’s probably no need for a single person to have that much space. A mini-fridge is a great choice if you only need to store a few meals, snacks, or drinks that you’ll most likely consume within the week anyway. 

Mini-fridges also don’t take as much space, but these tiny machines can be powerful enough to cool some refreshing beverages, which is perfect during the warmer months of the year. These tiny fridges can be as stealthy since they’re small and don’t catch too much attention. The extra space can be used however you want, unlike with a full-sized fridge where you’ll have to sacrifice usable space for storage.

Lockable fridges are also a viable option

Let’s face it—you’ll be stuck at a care home filled with strangers. While this is an exciting premise in itself, it can be hard to trust strangers since you don’t know them personally. If security is a concern, you can always opt for lockable fridges to keep your items inside the fridge safe. Even if you leave the home for the day, your items will remain safe and sound as no one else will be able to access your fridge other than you.

The type of mini fridge to purchase

Depending on how many items you’ll be storing every week, you have the option to opt for a small, medium, or large mini-fridge. While you probably won’t need space more than a small one, a medium-sized fridge is a great option, and it’s also the safest. If you think you’ll need more than that, though, there are some options that provide more than 17 liters of storage space.


Getting a mini-fridge for your room in a care home is a smart move. You’ll have more control over what you eat, and you’ll also have adequate storage to avoid getting food like fruits and vegetables from spoiling.

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