What You Need to Do When Your New Fridge Arrives

Buying a fridge is exciting, especially when it finally arrives at your home. However, many people don’t know that there is a proper “protocol” when it comes to using a new fridge. It typically requires certain steps before you can use it fully upon arriving in your home, and yes, it will take a bit of time to settle, but it’s very important that you follow it. If the proper steps are not followed, your fridge won’t be able to perform at optimal conditions. 

New Fridge Usage

So, your new fridge has arrived. First, you need to remember that you shouldn’t turn it on right away. Instead, you need to find the right place for the fridge first, and it shouldn’t be in direct sunlight. Pick a spot in your kitchen where the fridge will fit, will not obstruct space, and in an area where it can regulate its temperature properly. 

Another vital aspect you need to consider is the way the fridge was transported because this can tell you the right time to turn it on. A fridge is usually transported either upright or on its side. The pipes in the fridge transmit gas and lubricant, and they need to settle before you switch the fridge on, that is if the fridge was transported upright. If it was delivered to you on its side, you will need to give it at least for hours before you switch it on so that there will be enough time for the lubricants and gas to settle properly. 

The next step is not to load food, but instead to clean it. You probably think that since the fridge is brand new, it’s already clean. It might be clean when you look at it, but that doesn’t mean you should not clean it by yourself when it arrives. Do some wiping and disinfecting before you turn your fridge on to give a peace of mind that the fridge is clean and the food that you will load inside will be safe. 

Should You Load It Right Away? 

Once you have your fridge turned one, give it another at least two hours to reach the right temperature before you place food inside. The right fridge temperature is crucial to its preservation ability, and you want to ensure that the food you put inside your new fridge will not go bad within the first few days. 

When you put food before the two-hour timeframe, the fridge will take much longer to regulate its temperature, which will put a strain on it right from the beginning. Also, for frozen foods, the cold will not freeze properly, which means that the temperature in the freezer will be higher compared to the recommended temperature. 


As you can see, when it comes to caring for your new fridge, it might be more complicated than you first expected. You cannot merely turn it on and load food right away. You need to let it stand for a couple of hours. While you’re at it, clean it well, so when the right time for you to turn it on comes around, you can rest assured that the fridge is clean and your food will be safe.

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