Why Any Wine Lover Needs to Invest in a Wine Cooler

Is your special wine collection being stored in your current home fridge? Chances are you’ve never considered a wine cooler until today. It may be because you now realize the importance of a dedicated wine cooler for your personal winery. 

But why exactly is it the superior choice when compared to any standard fridge? 

This article lays out all the wine cooler facts you need to know. If you are currently storing your wine in your home fridge or even a mini-fridge, you need to know why they are not suitable for wine storage. In fact, standard and mini-fridges are expensive to run and inefficient for this. You will only end up throwing out stocks of precious wine. 

Additionally, this article also looks into the various choice locations to place your future wine cooler. The various choices are made to help you visualize your current winery setup and prime you to be a responsible and true wine connoisseur. Now that’s a world-class party trick worth writing home about! 

Why a Wine Cooler Is Better than a Fridge

Consider these essential benefits of storing your current wine collection in a wine cooler instead of a standard or mini-fridge: 

Built for Storing Wine

Wine coolers have a standard temperature of around 50–59°F, which is the perfect condition to prevent the premature aging of wine. Most standard fridges go below that cooling point because they need to preserve other food items that need cooler temperatures. 

If you choose to store wine in a cabinet or open space, you expose it to harsh natural light and heat. Overall, the wine cooler is the superior storage unit when compared to other fridges and the like. 

No Compressor = Vibration-Free

The annoying thing about standard fridges is the vibration it brings. This is due to the compressor, a vital component in the cooling process. Regular fridges need this component to effectively run.

In the case of wine, vibration prematurely disrupts their aging process or largely affects their taste. Since wine coolers have no compressors and vibrating parts, choosing one is a no-brainer. 

Where to Place Your Wine Cooler

Now that you have considered the benefits, take a look at these ideal locations for your wine cooler: 

  • An Easily Accessible Spot: Relaxing next to your wine cooler is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day at work. You can easily open it up and pour yourself a glass. This is the most effective way to use your cooler because it’s always being used to welcome guests or just live a little and reward yourself. 
  • In Your Guest Room: A wine cooler in your guest room will make you the envy and center of attention among your friends, as they can enjoy perfectly preserved wine whenever they drop by. In fact, it may even make them think twice about their own refrigerator choices and whether they’ve wrongly stored their personal wine collection. 
  • In Your Hideaway: Similar to resting after a long day of work, you may be tuckered out from all the socializing and living life in general. Being able to enjoy choice wines in your own personal secluded room makes for a worthy self-retreat. 
  • In Your Retreat Home: Speaking of retreats, you may also have a vacation home or personal penthouse or cabin somewhere. The only thing missing is a stock of your precious wines, so make it paradise with a wine cooler! 


Wine coolers are clearly better for any home wine collection and wine aficionado like yourself. Make sure your wine is never put to waste and enjoyed exactly as it needs to be by investing in a wine cooler. 

Have any wine cooler and basic refrigerator needs? At Pixel Fridge, we help you better understand and make informed decisions about your fridge. Get your dream fridge with us and store your precious wines more efficiently! 

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