Why Your Mini-Fridge Isn’t Cooling Down and How to Fix It

Whether you’re a student bunking down in a college dorm or an office worker staying in a small apartment to save money, a mini-fridge is probably one appliance you need or dream of getting. We don’t blame you for this, since mini-fridges make life incredibly convenient, allowing you to store your favorite drinks and snacks nearby, and even acting as a storage for your makeup and beauty products.

If you do own a mini-fridge or are planning to get one, it pays to know how it works, specifically the cooling mechanisms. How long does a mini-fridge take to cool down? What should you do if it does not cool? 

How long does it take for a mini-fridge to cool down?

If you are asking this question, chances are that you just bought the fridge but find that it is not cooling down, or that it is not cooling down fast enough. If this is the case, then don’t fret, as most fridges will take around a whole day to reach its intended temperature. However, you should know that many factors contribute to this.

One factor that plays a considerable role would be the floor it is on. If your fridge is placed on unlevel ground, chances are that the fridge door was not able to seal correctly, meaning that the cold air is leaking out. If you are in such a scenario, either place the fridge somewhere more level or place something under the fridge to align in. Note that some fridges come with adjustable footings, which you can use to keep the refrigerator balanced.

Another factor is the state of the cooling coils behind your fridge. If they are dirty and dusty, clean them out to allow them to work more effectively. To add more to that, they must be at least three inches away from a wall since these coils can emit heat. In other words, that space will keep you safe from any risk of fire, and allow the coils to work correctly.

What should I do if the fridge does not cool down at all?

If it has been more than a day and your fridge does not show any sign that it is going to get cold, there might be a few causes.

It might be that your fridge was not plugged in the whole time. However, if it is plugged in, check the outlet. Remember, some outlets are wired to a specific switch, such as your lights. This means that when you switch the lights off, you might have unknowingly switched off the outlet too. To solve this, look for another outlet.

Another cause of a fridge that does not seem to cool down would be that there is not enough airflow. There must be ample space behind and around the refrigerator for air to enter and leave quickly, allowing the mechanisms to cool the fridge effectively.

One of the biggest causes of such a problem is also how the fridge is positioned. While you might always have kept it upright when you received it, if it were laid on its side during transportation, the oils would enter the cooling pipes. When this happens, your fridge might end up taking several days before reaching the right temperature again.


If you find that your mini-fridge is not cooling down, do not panic. If it is your first day owning the fridge, allow it to work without opening the door for at least a day or two. If that does not work, then go through what we’ve shared with you above. Check the plugs, make sure airflow is adequate, and, if possible, learn if the fridge was laid on its side. Either way, you might have to leave it for a few more days to cool down. If that still does not work, then you will need to contact a fridge repair service to have the problem identified.

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